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Prepare to reach quality control before film laminating craft beforehand
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Beforehand film laminating is besmear the film of good bind agent passes balata beforehand roller and heat the pressurization of platen, after heating, fashion the product of paper model syncretic to with paper products bind. Beforehand the technological process of film laminating is roughly: Stage is defeated by paper is defeated by paper one presswork presses film one collection finished product.

The preparation before laminating works

(The ply of the BOPP film that 1) uses at laminating should be in commonly 0. 01—0. Between 02mm, diaphaneity should be in 90 % above, and hot shrinkage wants small.

(Before the machine on 2) , should check day OPP film to whether be inside the expiration period, the besmear sub on film is even, the surface whether by cut, press. Filmy gelatinize face should be crossed heat platen faces presswork.

(3) balata roller and heat platen must keep clean, the pressure balance roller of both sides must turn agile.

(4) adjusts according to paper ply and lose the clearance of paper roller certainly.

(5) chooses the BOPP film of different width according to product measure, should adjust according to the requirement of the product at the same time good side compasses. /

(6) adjustment is good guide velar roller, make the tension of filmy both sides consistent, filmy exterior inspire confidence in sb is exhibited without the ruffle.

Beforehand film laminating craft controls a point

Beforehand a few respects such as the control that the crucial technology of film laminating craft basically is pressure of pair of laminating temperature, laminating and laminating speed.

1. Laminating temperature

Temperature is beforehand the chief factor of film laminating, because beforehand the bind agent on film is hot frit glue, temperature decided to heat up the melt condition of frit glue, the osmosis that decided to heat up frit glue element to wait to layer of BOPP film, presswork Chinese ink, paper ability and diffuse ability. Although of laminating temperature raise those who conduce to bind intensity to increase, but temperature can make film produces systole high too, product surface shines, bubbly, the product produces a ruffle. The basis carries out experience, laminating temperature should be controlled it is between 100 ℃ of 70 ~ .

2.Laminating pressure

The surface of paper is rough whole, fall in appropriate pressure only, the ability of hot frit glue of melt condition covers presswork face completely, laminating product Cai Guangliang, cohere effect is good. Pressure is little, cohere is not firm; Pressure is a few greater, conduce to raise the adhesion between film and paper products. But, if pressure is too great, make the product produces a ruffle easily again, and make balata roller face gets hurt easily. Be out of shape, lower the service life of balata roller. As the accretion of pressure, make balata roller is mixed heat the osculatory pressure between platen increases, make bear of the axial head of two roller, bearing aggravating, wear away aggravate, make the bear of transmission system aggravating at the same time, consequently pressure too the service life with congress overall effect.
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