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Wireless and gooey conclude quality problem prime cause 5 talk (below)
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Our country is bound with felt cold glue is used since data is long-term more, cold glue is water dissolvent, its are dry the method is iron through heating after pressing, achieve along with air temperature and time finalize the design.

And contemporary and commonly used thermoplastic glue differs somewhat, if EVA heats up frit glue, of the anhydrous cent that it is a kind of solid but fusibility is gooey material, use this kind of material to want to pass appropriate melting point (bate) temperature, use temperature, open time, solidify time and cooling curing time, finalize the design via correct clamp again, ability achieves the reliable result of felt. Because EVA heats up frit glue,the effect is sufferred when use a lot of, be like the lukewarm, humidity of workshop, the speed of locomotive speed, of paper quality of a material different, the each different that carries glue and side glue on the back, temperature that use gum is waited a moment, having immediate concern with the actor bad that processes a product.

Additional, the ply that has glue of a lot of book back of press requirement processing factory has been jumped over greatly more, think of daub jump over more more firm, this is a kind of wrong understanding, actually the prison of book book connection spends glue of in a sense to measure much thickness big with firm sex did not concern. The intensity because of adhesive, viscosity, agglutinant the prison that waits for ability to decide book book felt is spent. Book back glue wants only intensity, viscosity, agglutinant when waiting for up to mark to ask, its sub should with “ thin and all ” is advisable; Heavy panel of daub of book back glue can cause book back only rough, browse not easily, the exterior is ugly and wasteful sizing material.

The felt data that bindery uses is cold, hot sexual glue is a lot of more phyletic, among them because glue of EVA hot frit is basic the sort of different, auxiliary material reachs the origin of material all sorts of discrepancy that match division price, of model different, have distinct felt effect severally. Accordingly, we are right contemporary all sorts of data that use newly (include cover material, chipboard to wait) should have sufficient knowledge, strengthen study, from theoretic in making clear Chu Zaiyun uses practice, record use experience at any time and try to sum up, ordinal loop raises ascendant theory, achieve good demand.

5, press design personnel and bound processing factory are communicated little

Be in a few years of in the past, publication course of study gets a design (especially the United States is made up) personnel often is contacted each other with the technical personnel of bound processing factory, experienced worker, absorb the opinion of bound worker, devise plan with improve and rising, the consistency that reachs design expect and product to finish (envisage the consistent) with a home to return to namely, those who made a lot of high quality have the honor to win international, all sorts of award such as home product. A lot of famous beauty book an artist, they make friend actively to bound factory and master, learn bound craft to them, understand all sorts of technologies that act a way, so that better more land designs an outstanding work. But some closer year this kind is communicated too little, a few more uptodate younger beauty writes the word that pays close attention to computer to go up only commonly, and understand not frequently to masters at reaching a plant and learn the knowledge that cannot get on those computer, forgot practice to give the reason of genuine knowledge. Also some considers as those who get a design oneself, the artist that is future, learn knowledge to put no less than frame to wait a moment to the worker to the factory, make oneself ate very big deficient, learned a lot of knowledge less. Because this is on the design, choose standards of the measurement on material classy appeared a lot of problems, a few phenomena are listed below.
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