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Wireless and gooey conclude quality problem prime cause 5 talk (on)
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In recent years as publication rhythm accelerate, use paper-cover is wireless and gooey the quantity that orders treatment book is increasing, according to not complete count, our country imprints every year nearly two years the books and periodicals of outfit is controlled in 8 billion roughly, having many 40 among them is to use wireless and gooey order undertake be machininged book. The EVA of material of hot sex felt that place of felt books and periodicals uses heats up frit glue, want every year to use nearly 10 thousand tons; Use so gooey material to undertake the unit with bound book has 700 thousand many; Wireless and gooey the equipment that order only linkage product line has about a hundred, stand-alone has many 2000. With gooey order craft to machine book book, what what use felt data is big, those who involve treatment unit is wide, it is a book bound history go up to never had had. But also cannot see from some closer year book quality detects circumstance discovery, the quality problem with bound book also is more serious, according to concerning partial report, bound reject is occupied always imprint the 65 % left and right sides that tastes quality problem, among them wireless and gooey the reject that orders treatment to cause occupied 80 % above again, unqualified product basically mirrors instead from the surface, books and periodicals drops page, book back via appearing after treatment core of rough, book ruptures, glue of bleb, eyelet, excessive is waited a moment, does its prime cause come from where? We undertake an analysis from the following now, so that make the reason can be found out in supervising the work actually about the unit, get settlement, raise wireless glue to order the quality of treatment.

One, Right the metabolic importance of binding process after imprinting knows inadequacy

After imprinting, binding process is to imprint the final adornment working procedure that tastes whole process, also be the final finishing process that the book machines, it is mattered to imprint tasted use value, save value and read value, and be being affected above two working procedure (before imprinting, presswork) machine the effect and cycle assure; Again good Yin Pinru was not mixed correctly if really firm coupling, beautiful outer packing, also do not mirror piece imprint tasted value. After imprinting bound it is to imprint the working procedure with taste a when pack finally very important.

Long-term since people always is prejudicial to this working procedure, think bound who is able, and the value that ignored it, the culture quality that also created the staff that will pursue this job for years at the same time under before imprinting, mix printer foreword, presswork with respect to Beijing institute a such Asias are the biggest presswork professional institution of higher learning, also do not have how many years bound a such special course that take measure of complete print 1/3, it is the bound course after the last few years just has a few to imprint only (the) inside department of the decorate that pack. And pressworking largely information is met, presswork scientific research all can be to tell commonly before imprinting, presswork how, before if have only,imprinting, presswork imprint taste treatment to fulfil a mission, the book is not installed book can read. This kind of situation wants continuance to go down again, can the quality problem with bound book add? Book illuminative is high grade, will affect the integral figure that our country book publishs, because this must want true bring to sb's attention.
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