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Concave and convex embossing machines fold carton
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Craft characteristic: Treatment of concave and convex embossing is a kind of common presswork demonstrates adornment technology, he uses the concave and convex moulage that graph article message matchs each other, make imprint through mechanical action after tasting exterior correspondence to be in base material to produce permanent extruding to be out of shape, imprinting taste the surface to fashion block diagram language, what carve a technology as electronic sculpture and laser in recent years is ceaseless rise, the treatment level of embossing model had qualitative flight, the concave and convex moulage of fine authentic of carve of essence of life makes imprint via what concave and convex embossing machines the graph article that tastes the surface is more lifelike.

The avoid of quality blemish:

(1) the pressure with proper choice, ensure sunken imprint the press press when moulage pressing closes is even, but outline of article of effective avoid graph is not clear the happening of quality blemish.

(2) outline of use graph article is sunkener moulage outline small a gleam of, and the protruding moulage with outline pliable brim, overprint of outline of can effective avoid forbids the happening of quality blemish.

(3) when using gesso protruding moulage, choose the gesso with good quality and glue, but stain of surface of article of effective avoid graph, gesso protruding moulage is brittle the happening that waits for quality blemish.

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