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Walk into PUR -- a kind of perfect bound way (on)
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Current and optional bound method is very much, like PUR (Polyurethane Reactive- polyurethane reacts) , EVA (acetate of ethylene of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate- ) thermosol glue, PVA (ethylene polymerization acetate) cooling emulsion different gooey kind, in addition still all sorts of lock traditional thread binding are ordered etc. PUR appeared 1989 about, move the earliest in a hand of North America test and application had on bound system, according to introducing PUR American books and periodicals the National Adhesives company of bound market says, this kind of bound craft basically is reported by a few high grade books and periodicals, year, catalog, with the magazine publication place is used.

Why should use PUR?

Since birth day case, the growth rate of PUR is rapidder still. 1995, there are 28 users only in North America, to the end of 2002, had had many 50 user using. PUR replaces commonly used hot collosol to have a lot of reason, among them the most important is it exceeds strong gooey sex and PUR craft to make a book OK and complete the property that develop.

1, gooey sex

PUR is first-rate to handling the film of glazing of exterior laminating, UV or paper product effect, this basically is decided by the polarity property of polyurethane element, it is OK with exterior Tu Bu the layer is united in wedlock well, achieve the result with gooey high quality.

The change with paper heavy gram, use coating and printing ink differ to be able to affect the result of PUR adhesive not quite almost, new-style PUR product is OK stick the ground of coating paper firmly of all sorts of types together. According to saying, the paper pulling force that uses PUR rose than the pulling force of common adhesive 40%-60% .

To traditional adhesive, if printing ink does not take care to flow to the bound line of books and periodicals, can affect bound quality, produce bound breakdown, and to PUR craft, these phenomena won't be right bound generation any influence.

2, super book makes the same score booth function

The commendation of PUR gelatinize ply is 0.01 inches, the EVA thermosol glue that it wants to compare a level is soft a lot of, the books and periodicals that this one function makes PUR bound is OK need not hand pressing can make the same score lay open to come well. To the book of certain type, wait like directive manual, manual, having good smooth booth sex is very important.

3, other benefit

The other benefit performance with bound PUR is in:

(1) fight Leng Hekang to heat up a gender

By PUR bound the effect that good book does not suffer temperature, bear the limits of temperature arrives in Fahrenheit 200°F - between 40°F. The books and periodicals that these property exist to falling in different temperature environment is very important, according to statistic, after changing PUR glue, the client should decrease to adhesive is complained agglutinantly and complaining a lot of, did not have almost.
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