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Walk into PUR -- a kind of perfect bound way (below)
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In the pipe that the latest technology that Nordson develops enters PUR glue pump to heat, squeeze PUR the low end of every book next.

Rose last year, this one system installed 3 in the United States, there also are a few to be being used in Europe. The gush glue mouth of this system can be opened below control and shut, control the flow of glue. This innovation is OK still will squeeze a device and air segregation from beginning to end, avoid the waste of PUR, because PUR exposeds to the open air for long can produce solidify in air,this basically is.

The technology of Nordson had better be ordered in new clothes use on machine or had transformed bound machine, ability achieves the most satisfactory result, because this is become,calorie of book need not change when book core comes forward through squeezing implement height, more stable. Wrappage is versed in a pressure that bring to bear on is OK in ensuring PUR pervades spine of a book.

The proposal does not use PUR at older wireless glue order equipment to go up, machine tatty is too fierce, precision gets very hard assuring.

Cost issue

A problem with the mainest PUR is cost. Although the price of PUR is 3 times of thermosol glue commonner about, but the half that use measure is common thermosol glue only. When the cost that considers whole book, this one word is quite important. For example, a 8.5×11 inch book, have 1 inch about thick, common hot collosol costs 1.3 cent summarily greatly (suppose every pound 1.35 dollars) , and use PUR is right same the glue on this book, big essentials spends 2 cent. A handler makes clear, the cost that use PUR increases is very negligible, 100 books also rose 70 cent only, but use PUR to be able to save many hearts, avoided many complaining.

The user of a lot of PUR does not have this bits of difference that goes up because of cost, and new option uses thermosol gum. In addition, once begin to use PUR, handlers can be familiar with the setting of equipment very quickly, produce the product that gives high quality.

On cost issue, perhaps a few users can be mentioned, use PUR to still be put in the cost that an equipment transforms. Because PUR is the bucket outfit of 55 gallon (or the keg outfit of 5 gallon is used at small user) , because this bound equipment need has a device to go to these material move in glue boiler, perhaps transfer crowded in coming forward, most what often use is buy of container outfit remove stage makeup and costume. A such device should cost 25000 dollars to arrive probably the charge of 50000 dollars, and applied system is even additional expenditure 25000-35000 dollar differs.

Produce the problem of efficiency

Solidify (dry) a problem that time also is general care, although the PUR craft of generation can be made online cut into parts cut, but must be in bound hind 24 hours of ability are OK, ensure the intensity of books and periodicals and orderly sex.
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