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The finishing after imprinting is common technology brief analyse
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As the development of the industry that pack, the finishing after imprinting is being packed in making, appear more and more important. The success or failure that current market competes depended on greatly of commodity pack, and the quality that the stand or fall of the finishing after commodity imprints decided to pack again. Accordingly, the finishing after we can say to imprint is to increase the class that pack, strengthen the main technique measure of commodity market competition ability.

Technology of commonly used the finishing after imprinting has:

1. Exterior besmear candle

To the product pack have exterior besmear candle, basically be the moisture with can bear certain to make pack and damp, aux used to is used at fresh pork to mix farming of by-product pack. This completes process of its besmear candle on shade shedding spreader.

2. Laminating

Laminating is after packing goods to presswork, will take the plastic film such as propylene to enclothe at presswork surface, use bind agent classics to heat the bind that makes after pressurization is together, form the presswork of syncretic of paper, model.

Laminating can be divided to besmear namely laminating and besmear beforehand laminating. Besmear bind agent shows when besmearing laminating is to be being operated namely, be pressed along with postheat and get finished product. Besmear laminating is will sticky mixture besmears cloth is on plastic film beforehand beforehand, classics drying closes roll, presswork in Fu when goods surface, need hot pressing to be become namely only. They part straw of shortly besmear Fu and finish on besmear Fu straw beforehand.

3. Glazing

Glazing is to wrapping Lv Yin to brush the surface to besmear (or gush, imprint) a colorless and transparent coating, in order to flow smooth, dry, after pressing light, form in presswork surface thin and the transparent and bright layer of divide evenly. It is finished together with the machine that press light by glazing machine.

4. Press light

Pressing light is a after undertaking glazing to presswork got-up working procedure, also some is tasted to high-grade paper directly undertake pressing light directly. To presswork because glazing expects classics nature sheds smooth, dry gloriole,pressing light is lustre spending is not too ideal, must undertake pressing smooth processing to a few careful presswork. What its use device is the machine that press light, a lot of machine that press light and glazing machine form a complete set are used.

5. Technology of other and special processing

Some closer year of presswork that will appear special processing technology is very much after imprinting, development is rapidder also. Have exterior gelatinize commonly (also call gush glue) , the surface is ground arenaceous (also say to hit arenaceous, imprinting namely taste the surface to be ground equably make Ma Sha nod) , press grain to press a flower, pressure dash forward (sunken) or abbreviation pressing form. All the high-grade bag mount that the technology already was using daily is decorated to see morer after these imprint newly. Especially mount of bag of elegant handicraft, cigarette is common.
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