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Laminating is common breakdown and processing
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The factor that affects laminating quality is more, outside waiting for objective element except layer of paper, Chinese ink, filmy, adhesive, still suffer the subjective element effect such as quantity of speed of temperature, pressure, glue. These elements handle wooden kind, can produce all sorts of laminating quality problems.
   1. There is snowflake place on the product
The account that produces this breakdown has the following:
(1) presswork dusting is overmuch: Presswork dusting is overmuch, cannot be dissolved completely by bind agent, large area snowflake can appear to nod on laminating product. Encounter this kind of situation, should increase appropriately on glue quantity, or the dusting on presswork of the sweep off before laminating.
(2) go up glue amount is too small: Glue is measured on too small, whole face meets presswork occurrence snowflake dot. The means of settlement is to increase gelatinize amount appropriately.
(3) exert the pressure that press roller improper: Exert the pressure that press roller too congress squeezes the bind lotion that is in presswork brim piece, cause drop of presswork brim occurrence snowflake; And pressure also can appear falsely snowflake dot. The means of settlement is to be adjusted correctly exert the pressure that controls roller.
(4) there is dry rubber on gelatinize roller: Volume of the glue on the place that there is dry rubber on gelatinize roller is minor, can make occurrence snowflake of laminating product herein is nodded. Settlement method is roller of wipe up gelatinize.
(5) apply press roller to go up circle having glue: Push the bond that give from presswork brim agent or squeeze the sticky mixture that give from filmy aperture place, stick in apply press roller to go up, time became long can form dry rubber group. The presswork from the back again when laminating, can appear here tiny snowflake dot. The means of settlement is to want to be wiped in time brush apply press roller.
(6) there is foreign matter in bind agent: If the dirt in surroundings is too much, or there are dry rubber and the filmy fragment that cut in bind agent, there can be snowflake place on laminating product. So. Ought to special attention the environment is wholesome; Bind agent is exhaustless should answer glue bucket inside sealed good, or going up filter first before glue.
   2. The product has bubble
(1) presswork Chinese ink layer is not fully dry: First hot pressing go up again glue, also can postpone laminating date, those who make is dry and complete.
(2) presswork Chinese ink layer is too thick: Can increase adhesive to besmear cloth is measured appropriately, increase pressure and compound temperature.
(3) temperature of compound roller surface is exorbitant: Take wind cold, shut electric heat silk to wait medicinal powder hot measure, drop compound roller temperature as soon as possible
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