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The means of settlement of the problem in discussing environmental protection pr
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Waste paper reclaims how does the crucial question in using a process mix printing ink namely foreign matter is broken away from completely from inside paper fiber, among them taking off Chinese ink is the difficulty place in this crucial question. Present presswork printing ink sort is various, if printing ink of planography offset print, flexographic plate pressworks printing ink of printing ink of printing ink, screen printing printing ink, form of intaglio printing, ability in swimming, UV printing ink (printing ink of ultraviolet light solidify) wait, every kinds presswork the difficult easy rate that printing ink takes off Chinese ink is endless and same, mix with UV printing ink especially among them the difficulty taking off Chinese ink of printing ink of ability in swimming is the greatest. The problem that encounters in the process taking off Chinese ink that here handles in waste paper with respect to UV printing ink and printing ink of ability in swimming, reach current world each country how to be solved to these problems do a few discuss.
One, waste paper reclaims process
Generally speaking, waste paper can be divided roughly except Chinese ink processing make a starch to smash, filter, centrifugal clean, floatation law goes 5 measure such as foreign matter, full, introduce simply as follows respectively:
1. Smash make a starch: In this one pace big life rubbish will be compared in waste paper first, be like plastic piece, the eliminate such as content of chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen, the waste paper that crosses pretreatment next falls into mixture boiler, then water, causticity alkaline, enzymatic in joining boiler, pass period of time immerse and mechanical agitate, smash, waste paper is made makings of stand-by paper fiber oar. Printing ink and other a few impurity can be broken away from from inside paper fiber come out, get certain bead way distributings.
2. Filter: Carry the material of paper fiber oar that makes gyral mesh, make big grain printing ink and impurity stop to go up in mesh. The way of printing ink bead that is divided by the sieve but by a series of mesh mesh will control, be in through diameter of this pace bead commonly the printing ink grain of 360 micron above but eliminate.
3. Centrifugal clean: According to the difference of density, use centrifugal force to break away from paper fiber from inside impurity of the fibrous that be not paper come out. Whether can two kinds of material depart completely the key depends on the density difference between them, difference is bigger, depart is more complete, because this is in this one pace,can be in bead diameter only 100 micron - the eliminate of printing ink impurity of 360 micron.
4. Floatation law goes foreign matter: First floatation agent (namely exterior activator) in joining pulp, can stabilize bubble benefit to be chosen at float not only so, return the abhor ability in swimming that can enhance foreign matter, make its break away from water easily manacle. Connect air to the middle of pulp again at this moment, form bleb, foreign matter go up at bleb as a result of the action conglutinate of floatation agent, come along with bubble on the surface fluid face, finally foreign matter eliminate. The key of this one process depends on the weight of foreign matter: Want to ample weight wears the gas fluid interface that appears bubble already, adherent go up in bleb, make bleb has enough flotage to reach foreign matter area even fluid face. Because this is like,should be in the foreign matter eliminate with major lieutenant general of this one process. Should control way of foreign matter bead in 20 micron ~ 150 micron less than. This is whole the it is the most important to reclaim one step in the process, reclaim the quality grade of paper depends on basically the degree that this measure place shucks off the impurity such as printing ink.
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