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Look forward to of Shan head small paper is managed feebly be about to change hi
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Is paper tasted rise in price does ceaseless reason where? The personage inside course of study thinks, basically be raw material price rises continuously be caused by. At present a few small-sized paper taste Guangdong Shan head the pace that because of cannot catching up with raw material rises in price increases the business product value, already appeared 0 profit, the plan changes his profession.

Shan head is located in old urban district with supplied materials treatment means is produced intermediate the small plant of face tissues, the product basically supplies the urban district the ministry is sent group by group and 0 sell market. Mr Lin says this factory chief, his open still is compared before a few of this factory years all the time smooth, gross profit is controlled in 10%% . But begin by last year oneself, because the price of raw material, complementary makings promotes considerably, the gross profit that produces at present has 6%% left and right sides only, basic already was 0 profit, even profit is hanged.

As we have learned, before this intermediate paper tastes raw material to be 5000 yuan about / ton, already went up at present 7500 yuan / ton, a bit better even 8000 yuan / ton —10000 yuan / ton, the price rises 50%% above urgently. Although cost increases considerably, but to live firmly client, many enterprises also can undertake to the product small raise price only, the range that raises price does not follow to go up far the pace that raw material raises price, profit was done not have basically. The chief of look forward to of afore-mentioned paper of that wife and children says, not only he wants to change one's profession, its are a few more circumjacent small paper look forward to has such idea almost, even some had changed some profession.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, because the energy-saving strength that decrease a platoon increased the country last year, shut, consolidate the backward and small-sized industry that make a starch, because discharge the papermaking business that do not amount to mark and is closed to amount to 2000 or so, domestic pulp supply drops. Add home to live not to have pulp to produce segment with paper company for the most part, pulp raw material can count an import only, make entrance pulp price rises continuously.

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