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Yin Ge invests: Culture paper rises in price range is bigger
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The company is one of companies of country's bigger straw pulp papermaking, dominant product is culture paper and wrapping paper. In recent years, the company is produced can last outspread, special the company is located since 2007 trade supply demand relations is improved apparently, enter boom cycle one round. Below the setting that rises in price in paper of early days home, the culture paper of the company rises in price range is bigger.

Company near future releases announcement to say, the company accuses a silver of partner Luo river what acceptance of limited company of columbine industrial group runs some companies at 8 years lift a ban appeared on the market on August 23 37.16 million current share, appear on the market oneself since current day the share certificate is not carried inside two years 2 class market (contain a large amount of trading the market) undertake the stock is decreased hold. This specification accuses a partner to manage and develop prospect to what the company did not come confident.

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