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Chinese papermaking 20 strong: Fatigued of of silk ribbon embraces show off
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Recently, " China paper industry " the data that magazine basis publishs in all sorts of open letter breath such as announcement of trade report, company, roll out industry of papermaking of 2007 year China list of 20 strong companies, my company continues hero resides the first.

Last year, my company captures papermaking industry to be changed to dimensions, specialization, the opportunity that internationalization expands, planned office waste paper to take off Chinese ink oar, art coated paper and in water is answered with wait for a project, accelerate project of Zhan Jiang wood pulp to build plan, established Heilongjiang rich morning cries, implantation a batch of new point of growths, accumulated more powerful development delayed effect. Support science and technology innovates, expand circular economy energetically, raise resource utilization rate, the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon is steady advance. It is a target in order to build innovation business, enhance own innovation ability, accelerate progress of science and technology, optimize manufacturing technology, develop new product, promoted the market competition ability and benefit space, 2007, the company implements profit tax 2.34 billion yuan, grow 87.12% compared to the same period, “ morning cries ” brand is maintained to be Chinese well-known logo, for the company the development this year laid good foundation. Company H issue successfully, financing 3.2 billion HK dollar, the company has the honor to win Shandong to omit name of energy-saving and advanced company.

This magazine points out, 2007, chinese papermaking industry 20 strong be seleted a doorsill to give priority to business Wu income 1.875 billion yuan, increased three hundred and two million and eighty thousand yuan than 2006, this was 2002 since 20 strong doorsills rise the biggest, amplitude is amounted to 19.2% . In the meantime, chinese paper industry is quickening development pace, narrow stage by stage the difference of as top-ranking as the world enterprise. Plant in the specific paper such as newspaper, wrapping paper and chipboard especially on the market, a few enterprises of our country had stridden on dimensions and quality the world goes first-rate row, had right of certain international market speech.

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