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Benny Gold Artron obtain work: printing services for the arts
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In the October 3 ending 61st Print Awards ceremony, the Chinese art of printing enterprises Artron 5 work "in rural China", "Chinese Opera", "Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum", "Peach, map", "Pakistan Kara "was Benny Gold.

In recent years, Artron undertake the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies listings, brochures in English and Chinese Olympic Committee, Olympic mascots a variety of applications specification, posters and brochures, general director of the Olympic Games opening ceremony of the letter of appointment, "Beijing 2008 program from the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games "," Beijing 2008 Olympic Games closing ceremony playbill "," Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Media Guide ", printed matters and the Paralympic Games was founded 60 years celebration of the new China and other major national projects, but also to successfully design, India system through the World University Games Bid Report and Shenzhen application design applications for all projects and other regions are reported.

Chang Ya-Jie, chairman million in the view of traditional printing business profitability, to seek profits outside the traditional business growth, sustained development of the printing business and the sustainable management of the inevitable choice. Time, printing the Nanjing Artron an art auction catalog, collection of art and feeling quite Wanjie he wanted, printing and packaging than the ordinary print books, art print quality requirements are higher, specializing in art printing Also very few companies in this field very promising. Moreover, the low-end packaging and other general printing business will increasingly fierce competition, increasingly thin profits, and only take the professional prospects of the road only.

"Scale fight with other people, simply to fight, but Artron. I spell my favorite, I like art, but also understand art." Wan Jie Ya Chang chose to own a well-designed road: art printing. He will re-locate Ya Chang: Let Ya Chang to become the most competitive and profitable art printing company. Since then, the target customer base Artron established as artists, museums and cultural institutions, publishing houses and auction institutions, focusing on the artist produced an album for the auction house printed auction catalog, the museum issued a memorial information. It is this specialized mode of operation opened a curtain Artron development.

According to Wan Jie introduced in October 2000 opened Artron network, initially as a value-added service printing business exists. Today, it has accumulated more than 300 million saved the pictures of Chinese art and text data, China's largest data bank of art.

Now, Ya Chang core database by the main participants in the art industry - auction houses, art galleries, investors, artists, and printing and publishing companies join in a platform, which focus on the creation of works of art, outreach, trade flows, collection and other aspects, to provide digital asset management, photography, publishing, exhibition, printing, Internet content and e-commerce, art and other business operations ... derivatives ...

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