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Xian Institute of Printing Technology out of school learning learn intimate
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October 18 to 24, Xi'an, vice president of printing technology and practical training to be deputy director of Shandong's invitation several printing companies, field research study of the printing and packaging Co., Ltd. Yantai Yu Hong, Xue Lin printing Linyi Linyi Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. and logistics company, and other famous enterprises. Wherever he went, by the business leaders of the welcome and hospitality. This line of research study is to investigate the coastal areas the main purpose of the printing industry and the business of printing the demand conditions; for printing education and personnel training mode to set subjects research study. Also, for graduates Employment and the future practice of different forms of school-enterprise cooperation as a useful exploration and discussion related to negotiations for the College, "out of Shaanxi, and expanding foreign influence, the construction characteristics of institutions, the Institute of brand building" basis. During the inspection, the system printing companies to understand the different corporate culture, firm size, technology and equipment, business management, personnel job requirements and personnel training standards for specialized printing requirements and other aspects, benefited from Shallow, deep feelings! During the inspection, Xi'an Institute of printing technology and business leaders were conducted in-depth discussion and exchanges on the basis of friendly consultation, and printing and packaging Co., Ltd. Yantai Yu Hong, Xue Lin Printing Co., Ltd. Linyi School-enterprise cooperation agreement was signed to establish a long-term stable friendly cooperative relations. The study, for the implementation of Xi'an Institute of printing technology education as well as the printing of scientific developments followed the printing industry, close to the talent needs of printing companies to start printing requirements and standards for construction education discipline, talent cultivation mode Type of establishment is important.
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