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China Printing Equipment Manufacturing Industry "second Five Year Plan"
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"Twelve Five-Year" period is changing our way of speeding up economic development and fully realize the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society of important strategic opportunities. Printing equipment manufacturing industry as an important part of the national economy and the printing industry made Important support for development, is also facing industrial restructuring and upgrading of the task. Scientific establishment and implementation of China Printing Equipment Manufacturing Industry "second Five Year Plan" is to implement the scientific concept of development, enhance independent innovation capability, the revitalization of National Printing Equipment Manufacturing an important measure of our country's goal of building a world power with the printing fundamental role. Subject commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information, China Printing Equipment Industries Association is responsible for the preparation of "China and India Brush the equipment manufacturing industry, "second Five Year Plan". " First, the "during" Review of the printing equipment manufacturing industry (A) of the major achievements 1. The rapid development of industrial scale According to statistics, by 2009, China had more than 600 printing equipment manufacturing enterprises, employing about 10 people, an annual turnover of 15 billion yuan more than the "Eleventh Five-Year" Early (2006) and the cumulative growth of 13 billion yuan 15.4% in 1984 National Printing Equipment Manufacturing output (2.9 million) 52 times. 2. Obvious effect of product structure adjustment "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's printing equipment manufacturing product structure was further improved. Printing equipment manufacturing base to achieve a high, medium and low range, middle and low equipment will not only meet the domestic needs, and the Department of Sub export to international markets. Faster new product development, new product output rate of more than 50% "Eleventh Five-Year" period, multi-color offset printing press made significant progress in the development and production. Various types of multi-color sheet-fed offset press China in 2005 with an annual output of less than 200 units in 2009 increased to 1,280 units, a net increase of more than 1,000 units, changing to To the related products totally dependent on imports. 3. Progress in independent innovation, new "Eleventh Five-Year" period, part of the printing technology and equipment research and development a major breakthrough. The direction of modern advanced technology development on behalf of the CTP platesetter, inkjet digital printing, flexographic printing presses and other satellite-based high-tech research equipment Made a breakthrough, and a number of strong independent innovation capacity of the national enterprises. Concrete progress in all areas as follows: CTP platesetter: Currently, there are many companies able to produce our own brand of CTP platesetter, the domestic companies have mastered the thermal, violet and UV CTP and other mainstream technologies. Inkjet digital presses: "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China has developed inkjet digital presses, and successfully to market. Offset: Medium print on machines to reach the world advanced level, commercial web offset press has made important progress. Satellite-based flexographic printing presses: "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China successfully developed the company expected satellite-based high-speed reel flexographic printing presses, the device's integrated technology approach the international advanced level. Printed materials: with independent intellectual property rights of thermal, photosensitive CTP plates successfully developed and mass production, flexible plates made important progress in research and development. 4. Printing equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate the pace going "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the printing equipment manufacturing industry to go out pace, the domestic printing machinery manufacturer Shanghai Electric has acquired Akiyama Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. of Japan and the United States Goss International Group, to promote our country High-end offset press technology. 5. Printing equipment to achieve significant growth in exports "Eleventh Five-Year" period, export of printing equipment to overcome the adverse effects of the financial crisis has made significant growth in 2008, China's printing equipment, with exports amounting to $ 981,000,000, a record high in recent years, in 2009 by the financial crisis Affected, down to 5.9 billion dollars, still higher than the 11% growth in 2006. At the same time, China's film, plates, ink, paper and other printing materials to achieve significant growth in exports. 6. Product quality has improved greatly "Eleventh Five-Year" period, with the printing machinery manufacturer processing techniques and testing technology upgrades Printing machinery main components of the processing quality greatly improved. Computer Management in New Product Development Process shorten the development cycle of new products, product standards line with international standards, meeting or part of To international standards. Most companies set up in accordance with international standards of quality assurance system, and the safety standards system certification, product safety requirements to meet European safety standards. Five years, the printer industry in product Quality inspection activities, 105 companies over a hundred kinds of products one hundred percent pass rate of detection. (B) of the main problems At present, China's printing equipment manufacturing are the main problem is still not reasonable product structure, high precision and advanced printing technology independent innovation ability, some of the low level of high-end printing technology with international similar products Compared, there is a wide gap between the high-end offset printing equipment, represented by some still mainly rely on imports. General Administration of Customs to the information provided in recent years, imports of printing equipment in China each year at 16 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to the domestic half of the printing machinery industry output. For example: in 2007 the country bought a total of 1283 printing Taiwan high-end offset press, and the year 1135 imports, accounting for acquired 88.5% of the total number of high-end machines. 2008 and 2009, the financial crisis, China's printing equipment imports declined, but in the high-end printing equipment market Field is still dominated by imported equipment. Comprehensive comparison of the domestic printing equipment manufacturing industry and the international advanced level, the main problem is: weak research and development, product performance, low-grade, digital, intelligent level is not high. In product design, the key core Technology, parts materials, precision manufacturing, product stability, reliability and other important technology research, the greater the gap with foreign advanced level, you need to catch up. Second, the "second five" printing equipment manufacturing development tasks and goals Printing Equipment Manufacturing Industry in our country situation and existing problems, "second Five-Year" period, the printing equipment manufacturing development of the main tasks and objectives, in-depth study at home and abroad printing market, technology trends, re- Point of the development of digital printing and printing equipment, digital technology, high-end printing machine, high-end printing equipment after the equipment and environmental protection equipment, enhance the independent innovation capacity, expanding production capacity, quickly change into high-end equipment, rely mainly on The mouth of the situation. Actively explore and expand the international market, and strive to achieve the 2015 export value of printing equipment imports that year more than 80%. (A) of the printing industry trends and the tasks facing 1. Digital printing and printing digital printing technology to become the main direction of industrial development Currently, digital printing, CTP platesetter, digital workflow, represented by the digital printing and printing of digital technology has become the world an important direction of development of the printing industry. According to statistics, digital printing zero Sales volume growth rate of 18%, 22% growth rate in Europe, other parts of the world average annual growth of 8%, higher than the level of the overall development of the printing industry; European and American countries CTP platesetter penetration has reached 70% - 80% Prepress, printing, printed circuit integration of the rapid development of digital workflow. China's printing industry in the digital printing and printing the application of digital technology compared with developed countries, a late start, but it is showing accelerated hair Development trend, according to statistics, as of July 2009, China's total installed capacity of high-end color digital presses to 354 units, production color digital presses installed capacity is 990 units, black and white digital presses installed production capacity of 66 units, are Than the substantial growth achieved last year; end September 2009 CTP has a capacity of 2019 units, an increase over the same period in 2008 more than 600. Compared with developed countries, the digital printing industry in China is in the process of rapid P And the stage, "Twelve Five" period will have a huge space for development. 2. Green printing is an important trend in the development of the printing industry Long-term environmental protection is a matter of human survival and development a major issue. In recent years, the world and the businesses of the importance of environmental protection has reached an unprecedented height. Energy conservation, energy, green, environmental protection into Inevitable for the development of print production requirements. In order to improve the level of the printing industry, environmental protection, the Environmental Protection Department and the Press and Publication Administration has launched a national environmental standard-setting work printed and signed the "implementation of the Green India Brush strategic cooperation agreement ", the implementation of the two sides will jointly set up a leading group of green printing strategy to study the development of green printing program of action to improve the green printing evaluation system to promote the implementation of the printing companies green printing standard Standards, prioritizing the work of primary and secondary school textbooks printed green and progressive products to government procurement printing, packaging printing, and other areas of food and drug promotion, printing enterprises while strengthening policy support to implement green printing, eliminating the backward Printing process, technology and capacity to promote transformation and upgrading of the printing industry. This suggests that effectively improve the environmental standards of industrial development has become an important trend in the printing and printing business must face. 3. Structural adjustment and industrial upgrading is our urgent task facing the printing industry In recent years, with changes in internal and external industrial environment, industrial structure of China's printing industry is facing a profound adjustment: the capacity distribution, the middle and low surplus production capacity, high-end products urgent problem of production capacity To be resolved; in product mix, the impact of the electronic media to printed books, newspapers, printed publications, as represented by the slowdown in the printing industry will show a downward trend in the proportion of the service in the industrial production and commodity circulation Packaging, commercial, label printing continue to maintain steady and rapid development in the printing industry will be further enhanced. Meanwhile, as the market environment changes, the printing problem of excess production capacity have become increasingly prominent part, India Brush profit margins fell significantly, some companies fall into financial difficulties and the urgent need to upgrade to large number of enterprises, "small and scattered," characterized by the printing industry is facing our structural adjustment and industrial upgrading in the task And cultivate a group with strong strength of technology and large-scale leading enterprises and a large number of "small, sophisticated, special, special" characteristics of the printing business is an urgent task facing the printing industry.
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