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Dispel doubts the four fundamental operations of arithmetic of ink jet printer i
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The element basically has the possibility that creates this kind to print breakdown without Chinese ink phonily two, one is the setting that print incorrect, another was jammed forcibly with respect to the shower nozzle that is printer, bring about ink to cannot spray paper surface. If be the word with the incorrect setting that print, then we are necessary to enter those who use a program to print setting window first, examine whether to enable the function that omit handwriting or painting, because of this function enable what can cause the false trouble that do not have Chinese ink sometimes to happen; In affirm the circumstance that did not enable the function that omit handwriting or painting falls, printer still still appears when the breakdown that do not have Chinese ink, we are necessary to examine the content of the current documentation that print, if be printed currently content is form, and the content in form is to rely on a bottom to be opposite by the setting again neat word, so print the first piece of page that come out to do not have content very likely, such alien thought to appear not to have Chinese ink breakdown, right now we want to weigh the content in form new setting to carry pair of neat words on the head to lean only, printed breakdown to be able to disappear automatically probably without Chinese ink phonily.

If ink jet prints word of pilot time unused, the ink that remain is printing shower nozzle surface is very incidental caky, efflorescent phenomenon, caky or efflorescent and become knowledge kind block plug up very easily to print shower nozzle, the ink that brings about new setup cannot spray smoothly paper surface, come so the natural incidental false breakdown that do not have Chinese ink; Should remove the false trouble do not have Chinese ink of this kind of type, we should assure to use the knowledge of high quality above all, and the requirement that ink model must accord with printer to appoint, after wanting to notice to install good knowledge next, do not want halfway to take knowledge from inside printer easily, the 3rd should use shower nozzle to clean a function to clean an operation to printing shower nozzle to carry out regularly, if print word of pilot time unused, we still must put through regularly printer power source makes his timely work for some time, the word that prints shower nozzle not to work for long after all is incidental also jam phenomenon.

Miscellaneous disease 3, gush opens machine hind to balk answer

Printer of one ink jet switchs on the mobile phone after receiving electrify source, appreciably of side of towards the left of car of the word that print moved stopped instantly after a paragraph of small distance, and after Chinese ink system rotated a few times, the suction that is located in right of ink jet printer also stops to answer, the “ in printer operation face plate is in into paper ” signal lamp twinkle condition, ink jet printer cannot execute the operation that print.
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