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UV makes the same score the profit pattern of printer of table ink jet to analys
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Now, ink-jet printing equipment had gotten people is approbated extensively, its work efficiency and presswork quality is very high, can be in a variety of bear imprint undertake color pressworks on content. The printer of platform type ink jet of the printing ink of use UV solidify that at present the market appears expanded the market limits of this kind of printer, and it can black-and-white bear imprint the sort of content.

Ink jet technology is the lamp that people illumed to hope

The printer of digital ink jet that used UV solidify printing ink not only the advantage that has printer of traditional ink jet, perfected oneself function further. They can be used in tigidity bear imprint of content presswork in the process, still having a lot of among them is our not common material, for example: Metal, plywood and glass.

Material compatibility

This form report went out to make the same score printer of table UV ink jet to be able to be handled below bear imprint the sort of content, they are screen printing factory and other business presswork a few data that the factory often uses. We listed in form the name of material and they are in factory of common screen printing medium use scale.

The proportion that material holds in all use material
Pressure quick ethylene 22%
PVC (flexible) 7%
Styrene / ABS 10%
Polycarbonate / Laikesang 12%
Expanded plastics / corrugated fibreboard 4%
Paperboard / chipboard 9%
Metal 11%
PVC(is rigid) 5%
Polyethylene 4%
Polyester / Myra 9%
Acrylic/Plexiglas 4%
Acrylic / colophony glass 4%
Polypropylene 3%

Of course, if printing ink cannot adhere to well,be in bear imprint content apparently, so the processing capability of the to different measurement and quality of a material stuff that ink jet printer has also does not have any meanings. This also is the place that UV solidify printing ink exhibits boxing foot greatly.

Should pressworking in the process by illuminate of ultraviolet light source when, UV solidify printing ink can produce solidify, adhere to then in bear imprint clinking. To ultraviolet light the management of the source can let an user control the solidify process of printing ink better, place of printing ink of ability in swimming cannot accomplish all these.

In the process of solidify of UV printing ink, existing a few variable elements, for example: The time that the wavelengh of illuminant and intensity and exposure last. “Tweaking”UV solidify parameter, can make printing ink is in a variety of bear imprint adhere to better on content material, the effect that this installs than onefold printing ink is close friends a lot of. Printer of platform type ink jet can undertake 4, color and 6 8 kinds printing ink settings, accordingly can with presswork equipment undertakes more perfect matching, the working status that achieves ideal thereby and outstanding colour match capacity.
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