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MD series transducer cuts the application on machine in cent
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In last few years the papermaking course of study of our country is reached presswork the industry that pack obtained flying development, facing unprecedented tremendous opportunity, but the equipment with advanced to the world photograph, also facing enormous challenge. The productivity that produces equipment is very powerful, but our product is in basically in low end the market. Main reason is the limitation of technical condition. At present till, many cent is cut magnetic particle brake still is used to undertake tension is controlled closing putting coiling on machine, restricted the traversal speed of equipment, also wasted the sources of energy, and the reason as a result of service life of magnetic particle itself, created the situation with higher fault rate.
Collect plain the MD330 tension that the company rolls out controls transducer, can undertake constant tension is controlled, and can control tensional taper, assure to receive each form after coiling even, and raised cent to cut the traversal speed of machine greatly.

One, cent cuts machine introduction
Cent cuts the tradition of machine to dominate program is to use a big electric machinery to come drive closes put the axis that coil, closing put add on reel have magnetic particle clutch, through adjusting the electric current of magnetic particle clutch controls the obstruction that its produce, will command the pulling force of material surface.
Magnetic particle clutch and brake are a kind of special automation carries out component, it is to pass fill to deliver torque at the magnetic particle of working space, change excitation electric current changes the magnetic position of magnetic particle thereby, adjust then delivered torque. Can use at from the 0 stepless speed regulation that begin synchronous career, apply to high speed Duan Wei to move the timing system of the small-power in reaching. Still use at passing to adjust voltaic method adjusts torsion carries constant open a book with assuring the tension in winding process or answer roll tension controls a system.
Its main characteristic is magnetic particle clutch regards an obstruction as device, pass systematic control, will output a volts d.c. , control the obstruction that magnetic particle clutch produces. Main advantage is his passive device can command lesser pulling force. Its main drawback is speed cannot too tall, when high speed moves easy cause magnetic particle high speed to grind, generation high temperature, cause magnetic particle clutch to give out heat shorten then its life.

2, collect plain transducer cuts the control application on machine in cent
Use collect plain roller of dynamic pressure of drive of general transducer MD320, control cent cuts the traversal speed of machine, it can work in open loop vector means. Advocate speed can be adjusted commonly with potentiometer. AO1 port serves as the output of running frequency, as put a transducer, on, next linear velocity that receive a transducer are given. Put a transducer to reach receive a transducer to want to use collect plain pulling force is special transducer MD330. These 3 kinds of transducer all need the job to be in means of closed circuit vector, the job is in mode of tensional open loop.
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