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The successive change of offset print wet moistening with water is supplied anal
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1, make the same score imprint, Shui Moping Heng Yuan manages

What offset uses wet water to hold share of blame Yin Wen is clean, this is come more than 200 years all the time the principle of continue to use and means. Water supply measures the quality that more or less affects offset directly, water portion cannot maintain blame Yin Wen too less the part is clean, small fine the wrongly written or mispronounced character can be papered or Mao Liang procrastinates by the side of the word instead, can produce whole Mo Ban even, conversely when water consumption is too much, chinese ink color becomes weak, full edition has white spot, or mark of whole white water is in Yin Wen ministry, disappear to last line and literal go ahead of the rest even, color of presswork Chinese ink has complete by the feeling of scour off.

UV printing ink is dry impact of portion getting water is bigger, the Yin Mo layer of excessive emulsification can have exposure the defect such as not easy solidify, it is the Yin Mo with general compulsive and dry blame, in water portion too much and excessive emulsification falls, also be not easy and dry. In fact, smooth imprint layer of the Chinese ink on the system giving black of machine, also because the meeting is long water portion is too much and the drip in forming Chinese ink is too much too big, cause printing ink agglutinant drop, jib of upper part printing ink does not come down, the printing ink on intermediate Mo Gun transfers fraction to give forme to roller of Chinese ink of lower part layout only, cause color of serious Chinese ink to reduce, even horniness steel roller, copper roller can have Chinese ink appearance, and make presswork appears character cannot use a case.

2, water portion uses up an analysis

We are discussed above all, smooth imprint where did the water share on machine go? The first it is printing ink emulsification is used up, the 2nd it is to evaporate use up, the 3rd it is paper is absorbed use up.

Emulsification of the first printing ink, can be in only 15 ~ 20% between, if be over to open 8000 pieces in couples hourly,4 kinds imprint, bad news reachs 5 liter with 3 kilograms of printing ink for wet water, mean emulsification to use water, only 0.75 liter likelihood uses up 0.45 ~ follow printing ink to use up forme to go up, so this deal is the 9 ~ that all water portion uses up 15% , the 3rd paper is absorbed, be like 8000 pieces of paper with 100g/M2 base will calculate again, and 342 kilograms paper became much 0.4% . weight water portion, criterion its are much the water share that give is portion of 1.37 kilograms of water is use up from inside wet system, so the 2nd evaporates use up old drug in 2.88 ~ 3.18 liter are controlled, nodded wet the 50% above that use water.

These water portions evaporate besides layout, chinese ink system is reached how to much also meet to evaporate in mackintosh face, pressure platen face use up, although imprint,edition area does not change because of pressworking to speed is accelerated and have, but after be being accelerated because of speed, the system giving black of printing machine is met temperature rises, because this is caused,evaporate speed is accelerated, but if give preserving of outfit of Chinese ink system unit of warm cooling water, this kind of circumstance won't happen.
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