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Operate 7 measure
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Normally, show the image color in screen cannot match the color that ink jet printer outputs accurately. This may be in the color that appoints place to need (lubricious pink) when encounter bewilderment. Will introduce a few principles below, conduce to obtain first-rate color to match:

1. Begin printer to be measured oneself above all. The first pace that color matchs a course is to run printer to be measured oneself. Measure oneself can help you judge printer to make facial expression correctly. If do not have correct ground to make facial expression (for example, chromatic ink box is extinct) , so will cannot obtain proper facial expression to match. If necessary, be checked please and clean / to change chromatic ink box.
2. Check printer driver. Below a lot of circumstances, printer driver (or printer color program) will offer color to match option. Open the attribute dialog box of printer please, examine whether to enable all color to match option, for example:
(1) click “ to begin ” bill of fare, point to “ to install ” child menu, click command of “ attribute ” next.
(2) the printer that right key clicks place to need.
(3) click command of “ attribute ” .
(4) click card of option of “ graph ” .
(5) click color of image of pitch on “ to match ” option (or similar color matchs functional) .
3. Check the luminosity of work area. Bewildered purpose or other the lamplight that surround is OK bad to feeling the color in monitor arises influence. When comparing printout and video image, the likelihood cannot watch difference correctly. The attempt moves dark work area or adjust the brightness of monitor and contrast for more appropriate level.
4. The examination shows calorie of driver. Library of Cheng of drive of printer of a lot of color is direct from show card to obtain color information. This assumes to good interact exists between the driver that show clip and chromatic printer driver normally. When it is difficult really that color matchs, it is the driver that show clip newlier newest version to may solve a problem sometimes.
5. Check printer driver. If the problem still is, check the driver of chromatic printer please, examine whether to existence matchs the patch of the design to enhance color or upgrade program.
6. Do not want the quality of colour of the judgement that print before the basis. If paper is exposed directly,fall in sunshine, or paper quality is poorer, or temperature humidity is improper, so the past as time, ink may fade or change color. Check the new output result that prints when the test please.
7. The examination prints ink box. The quality that print also is used time and the influence of use state by chromatic ink box. Most ink box has term of service, when arriving at term of service, should change ink box. When solving color problem, should install relative to newer ink box.
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