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The successive change of offset print wet moistening with water is supplied anal
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4, classification of all sorts of water supply mode

Type of armour, scale has paragraph of water supply

Have paragraph of water supply with what scale or tine number adjust, it is to collect have turn the water supply means of the roller that give water, this suits to be used in low speed only model make the same score without gearshift imprint machine, because answer,external environment and paper change do the processing that increase and decrease ages, but increasing water of 2 tine scale to measure inadequacy, increase water of 3 tine scale to measure when too much awkward situation, still can use blow piece because answer. If be used in gearshift is made the same score imprint machine, quantity of water of inadequacy of quantity of water of most low speed, high speed is too much. The reader can have doubt, ascendant evaporate of high speed temperature floods the portion is to become much, how is quantity of the water when high speed too much?

The element with water much quantitative change has two: One is to turn the roller that give water, presswork in low speed rotate speed is slow, inertial small, it and the inertial force when cistern roller is contacted are very so small, procrastinate only change half a tooth-like part of anything, conversely speed per hour by 3000 change 6000 when, original set the scale of 3 tine, because of inertial greaten to pull cistern roller possibly change 1.5 a tooth-like part of anything, so water portion full much 30% , presswork originally speed turns doubly give receive water double, presswork the evaporate of the face floods the portion is euqally much, water portion calculates come too much already, now because of inertial increased 30% , so some mechanical stone designs become function of the decelerate before contacting water roller, in order to produce gentle inertial action.

Another element is cistern roller, the water film that in low speed area of place of locomotive cistern roller comes up is thinner, the water film that because cistern roller runs fast belt to come up,high speed runs is deep piece many, rotate speed is added one times when at least many 60% above, this also is control those who go up is additional because of,change, share of the water when high speed pressworks becomes much advocate so one.

Second, independent motor controls water supply

Continuous two paragraphs of water supply, pilot amount to means of control water supply immediately alone, if be below wet condition of good constant temperature, constant, have the cooling system of Chinese ink, water supply again, so a paragraph of water supply is necessary to adjust hardly, because, it is to use water supply of school edition ration, some printing machine raise school edition to speed per hour 7000 pieces recently, not be highest imprint fast 1, of 6000 1/4 4, 000 pieces, this also is to adjust difference is too big because of,change, in making presswork in case send paper to be not arranged, fly amount to still in order to be close to ” of accommodation train of half speed “ . High speed of this kind of two paragraphs of type paragraph, often discharging paper wearing to go up to adjust with working circumstance is being depended on with digital manner on knob or control face edition, in case dry spot appears, need knob to coming back after all only probably can quickness water supply, handlers is in attentively only button of water supply of high speed of all kinds can.
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