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Printer of ink jet of old width of cloth is safeguarded daily with maintain
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Printer of ink jet of old width of cloth is a kind of price costly, use and the large output equipment with higher upkeep costs, accordingly, want special attention to be used correctly with care and maintenance. It is spray paint engine is main below safeguard and maintain method, offer you to consult, so that help your spray paint aircraft,be in normal exercise condition for a long time.
· notices favorable use environment

1. There is the nice head that print in the internal composition of spray paint machine, because this wants when place and be used daily,avoid mechanical collision and vibration.

2. As a result of nozzle of spray paint machine size and float the dust in air is sizable, be jammed very easily by dust, because this wants to maintain environmental cleanness, the dust in avoiding air jams nozzle.

3. The temperature of printer work environment shoulds not be too tall, lest the mechanical component of printer reachs sprinkler head by rustily; Temperature change shoulds not be too big, because many project is contained in spray paint machine plastic component, and opening diameter of nozzle very fine, if environmental temperature change is too sharp, the heat of the component expands meet those who cause mechanical part wear away, the change of size of opening diameter of nozzle also can affect the quality that print.

· inky chooses

4. Character of inky of spray paint machine decided to print the quality of image, also decided the service life of nozzle. Moisture of Chinese ink of spray paint machine is former outfit ink and compatible ink, it is advisable to should choose to install ink formerly as far as possible.

Of the · head that print maintain

5. Want to choose high grade ink box, can cause nozzle to jam otherwise and affect the quality that print, serious when bring about even whole the head that print discards as useless.

6. To long unused ink box, can place in the deposit in Chinese ink small box, avoid nozzle to jam.

7. Normal to printing, but lack stroke or colour, or faintness of the image below high resolution slight jam circumstance, should the spray head that as soon as possible uses printer to be taken oneself cleans a program.

8. If print the machine in the process to fill Mo Huoqing often to wash nozzle, but the effect that print poorer still or shower nozzle is serious jam, printer rejects the job, want to ask professional maintenance technician to maintain, do not disassemble at will shower nozzle, lest damage accurate component.

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