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Do not do the choice of glue label material and application
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As a kind of industry easy bad news is tasted, material of label of not dry glue by all extensive many sided that apply at each domains, companion is mixed in the society as all sorts of products the ceaseless emerge in large numbers in the life, no matter material of label of not dry glue got from the respect such as line of the products or applied limits and price administrative levels very great progress is mixed perfect. What as choosing from inside the commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes oneself like is same, we also need to choose optimal material in label of all sorts of not dry glue, and this kind of choice is sure it is a kind of integrated consideration and rational application.

Everybody knows, will tell from the basic structure of material, label of not dry glue is comprised by surface ability, glue and copy paper, and no matter be surface ability, sizy or copy paper, having the sort that differs severally and processing kind, bring different application limits and use effect. The article hopes to never do the three-layer structure take as the point of departure of glue label material, discuss the reasonable option of material of label of not dry glue from applied angle and everybody.

Surface ability is to be stuck finally in the content that be stuck (often call “ base material ” ) the material above, have paper commonly (like art paper, tall machine-glazed paper, hot move prints paper to wait) with film (like PE, PP, PET, synthetic paper) two kinds of composition. Generally speaking, go up as a result of consumer vision most what contact first is surface ability, the characteristic of surface ability decided its use. Choose common surface ability overview below.

Art paper, tall machine-glazed paper: Because had made constant processing to paper surface, paper is had very strong glossiness and hold out certainly degree, multi-purpose in the article surface that does not contact with water. Presswork absorb printing ink effect very good also, and have a lot of art paper when cooperating a few appropriate heat to transfer printer and carbolic tape, also can show good hot move to print the effect. Besides, in home, the average price of paper wants than film low, the advantage of sex of this kind of cost makes paper surface ability applies in home very extensive. But what need an attention at the same time is, because paper material flexibility is not strong, do not suggest to use the base material face with very big curvature commonly, and do not suggest to be in have certain curvature when label is being stuck below the environment, the material opposite side does laminating processing. In the meantime, when sticking label, if base material is like the influence of temperature to be able to be out of shape by surroundings, also do not suggest use paper material sticks label commonly.

Hot move prints paper: In the environment that hot move prints paper to be used at needing to do hot move to print commonly, the surface of this kind of paper often made special coating processing, because this is hot the effect that move prints is admirable, general and wide application spreads a trade at content. Those who need a specification is, the way that exterior coating handles or material are affecting printed effect and cost factor directly, generally speaking, the price that heats up move to print paper wants prep above art paper or tall machine-glazed paper, but still have tremendous market potential.
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