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The development of the plastic material that pack uses accept rice
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One, accept rice is plastic having superior performance

Accept rice is plastic it is particle of inorganic accept rice (pink of silicate, calcium carbonate, SiO2, TiO2, SiC, Al2O3, micaceous, quartz) with size of accept rice class (it is 1 ~ 100nm commonly) be in dispersedly equably the composite material in colophony of plastic the mother's body, also be called polymer Jinami composite material. Differ according to colophony of the mother's body can classify polyester of rice of polyolefin of rice of nylon of the rice that it is accept, accept, accept, accept rice polyformaldehyde. Be apart from here as a result of size of accept rice particle and those very close, have distinct quanta dimension effect, surface effect, interface effect, bulk effect, macroscopical channel effect, small size effect and exceed plasticity, make accept rice plastic have distinctive physics mechanical function, already made one of the most most advanced products of composite material development.

1, high strenth and tall hear resistance

The accept rice that uses preparation of the technology that interpose a layer is plastic can mix stability of the tigidity of mineral, dimension the tenacity of thermal stability and polymer, machinability is united in wedlock faultlessly rise. Contain a few (do not exceed 10% , normally 5% the left and right sides) the accept rice of clay is plastic with convention fibre glass or mineral (30% ) the tigidity that enhances composite material, intensity, hear resistance comparatives. But accept rice is plastic qualitative light, have compare the intensity, amount that compare a pattern high and not loss its impact strength, can reduce the quality of goods effectively, convenient carry. In the meantime, because accept rice particle is less than visible light wavelengh, accept rice is plastic the glossiness that has had and good diaphaneity and ageing resistance. Other data cannot compare these advantages, accept rice is so plastic appear, get immediately the favour of people.

2, tall cut off quality

As a result of polymer matrix and clay piece the good union of the layer and clay piece the planar orientaton action of the layer, accept rice material shows good dimension stability and good aeriform block to appear a gender. Accept rice is plastic tall cut off the gender makes its apply extensively at the advanced material that pack, refine for example food, medicines and chemical reagents, cosmetic, biological product and accurate instrument.

3, tall flame retardant and asphyxial quality

Material of some accept rice still is had very tall release rate from very extinguish sex, low heat (opposite polymer noumenon) with taller curb smoke sex, be ideal is flame retardant material. For example get together the ester inside oneself - silicate accept rice is plastic and not of fill get together the ester inside oneself is put in the 30s in fire, rice of the accept after be being taken out is plastic stop to burn, maintain its integrality; As contrary as this, not the polymer of fill continues to burn, be destroyed till sample till. Nylon of the rice that be like accept - 6, it is when clay content 5% when, its heat up the peak value that releases rate (the crucial factor that evaluates material fire security) can drop 50% above. Accordingly, it is plastic and flame retardant that abroad has document to call rice of this kind of accept plastic production technology technical revolution.
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