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Silk imprints special effect embark upon a political venture
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Every page printed sheet, it is the challenge of bravery color.

By bronzing, luminous, grind arenaceous, local UV, arrive again effect showing pink, working procedure has a bit make mistake, already enough is complete " piece " all do not have, do not have again later leeway.

Those who change soul Jing heart is, make this, pay only, do not have any profit redound.

Who, can you still have the idea of venture?

" when taking over this job, I and stylist know it does not have money to earn. But we because earn,won't be less than money however, hand in casually some imprint come out. Do casually, it is better to be not done as what. " assistance makes 20 anniversary the sidereal bronzing limited company of special printed sheet, sidereal silk imprints (plating glue) company director Jimmy Chan thinks so.

Add courage again seriously, gather 5 kinds special presswork the effect, the printed sheet with conspicuous configuration, below the look that expects in everybody eventually, " pink " , " Chinese ink " come on stage.

Special presswork compose of effect have a bowel movement


This part imprints with silk means is finished. Via sucking light hind, put luminosity to be able to amount to 2-5 on average minute. Market also has put luminosity to be as long as the luminous printing ink of 1-2 hour sells, but price and former differ to have many severalfold. Generally speaking, luminous printing ink is divided in all kind, one kind is luminous oil, another kind is to use the home to need proper motion the luminous pink with smooth oily modulation. " although luminous pink price is cheaper, but because want to be allocated by oneself with person, heft control has certain difficulty, too rare, be afraid that luminosity is insufficient again, too thick, can raise cost again, application rises instead not as good as luminous oil is convenient. "

The luminous printing ink that star uses is imported by Taiwan. " basically, the luminous printing ink of all entrances pledges element is like roughly, but because this plants outback modulation,the technology of printing ink still did not amount to a level, qualitative element irregular, special discretion is needed in this respect with the home. " Mr Chen expresses, when associate with purchases the luminous printing ink that home produces, ever also had encountered pack indicate can put smooth 4-5 minute, but when be being used actually however the case that short of expects the result, imprint to ensure a qualitative element, his in the future turns to Taiwan supplier to enter goods.

Show pink

Current and extraordinary popularity, multi-purpose at greeting card surface, the method that make shares two kinds. Taste the surface to besmear to imprinting firstly a light is oily, again with hand or full automatic the machine will show pink to be aspersed on its, advantage is to shine degree tall, simple sense is strong, but touch a bit, show pink to be met on hand of the person that real time adhere is being used. Another kind of means is mix into mix into imprints the smooth oily silk that shows pink on imprint taste the surface, advantage is its get on adhere of firmly of meeting showing pink, without desquamation anxiety, so many book cover are printed, all can finish with this means.
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