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Rise inferior exploration of quality of paper of smooth color ink jet
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As the flying development of science and technology, integrated circuit, computer, number is become develop in what obtain advance rapidly in last few years like the technology, chromatic ink jet prints paper to gain ground and also drop as printer from social status case, enter an innumberable families gradually. Printer is made manufacturer is improved ceaselessly and improve quality of ink jet printer, also ask correspondingly more the quality of the paper that print of high quality. Breed of the ink jet paper that print is very much, can divide to do not have glue paper and coated paper, current, the existing paper that do not have glue satisfies the printing need of high accuracy very hard, need to undertake technical breakthrough and innovation, henceforth inside period of time, use at ink jet to print used paper to will take dominant place by coated paper.

The chromatic ink jet of spreader prints paper, the quality that print is very good, can suit high accuracy to print need, at present chromatic ink jet of Tu Bu prints paper to be able to undertake cloth of besmear of different base material, be like a metal, plastic chip, paper, PE drench velar paper reachs other a lot of base material, according to glossiness of besmear cloth surface, basically can distribute the ink jet paper that print for Gao Guang photo paper, inferior paper of smooth color ink jet. This 2 sort paper is the paper of the commonnest Tu Bucai gush on the market, market price fall is very much, and market demand is big, amplitude is very fast, the article is opposite only how to produce high quality inferior paper of smooth color ink jet undertakes discussing.

1 inferior the workmanship of glorious gush paper

Current, have a lot of companies domestic and internationally producing inferior glorious gush paper, production methods is by solid in the Tu Bu on base paper particle, adhesive, cation originallies the painting that the assistant such as lubricious agent, brightening gent comprises, can use dip to besmear or blow besmear, measure waits via stoving after.

Aftertreatment of → of drying of → of Tu Bu of base paper →
Common coating recipe:
2 oxidation silicon 100
Polyvinyl alcohol 50 - 80
Cation solid lubricious agent 20 - 30
Brightening gent a few
Other auxiliary a few
Content of solid form pink 15 % - 30 %
Tu Bu is measured 5 - square metre of 12 grams /

Quality of 2 base paper

Gram of base paper of paper of gush of colour of common besmear cloth weighs the market to be in mostly 70 - square metre of 200 grams / , the quality of base paper has very big effect to processing colour gush paper, base paper is the carrier of coating, its stand or fall can affect the quality of colour gush paper directly. Better to obtain besmear cloth effect, requirement base paper;

(1) whiteness is good
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