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The pressure test of corrugated paper and paper box and analysis (below)
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Expose intensity is used expose intensity determines appearance determines. Should determine appearance is to use to contain expose of the head place, expose with its the potential energy change of chipboard around will determine the ability that chipboard resistance exposes, the change of potential energy volume transition is kinetic energy, with expose and tearing off chipboard, expose with what this will express paper or chipboard intensity.
7.Adhesive strength
Adhesive strength points to corrugated paper and face paper or in the combinative strength of paper. Bring to bear on respectively to face paper or paper of core of rows of tiles on a roof perpendicular the outward pulling force of its surface, till both photograph is detached till. The adhesive before depart or agglutinate fibrous interface can susceptive is the biggest load, it is the adhesive strength of this sample, also call come off intensity, the unit is N.
Adhesive strength can determine with small-sized pressure testing machine. What bring to bear on to face paper and paper of core of rows of tiles on a roof is tensile, the fluctuation through inserting rows of tiles on a roof inserts strong generation two groups, reason experiments to call the agglutination that insert a needle pressure test again originally.
The model with good test is decided along with the model of the corrugated fibreboard that be measured. One long group tries a club to be inserted in the underside of paper of core of rows of tiles on a roof, one short group tries a club to be inserted in the lower part of paper of core of rows of tiles on a roof. Next upside is pulled up, below pull downward, can measure the adhesive strength of the weaker one side in giving two agglutinate side. Should try a long group what the club inserts core paper removedly to go up or underside, and one short group tries the insertion with removed also club core paper is the same as a side, can measure so that with the test the club is linked together the adhesive strength of one side.

2, the function of paper box experiments
Corrugated box can replace wooden case for the most part, but the main reason that cannot replace wooden case completely depends on: 1. Fight water and moistureproof sex not as good as wooden case; 2. Easy by acerb good thing tear; 3. Compressive strength is inferior to wooden case. Affect at last o'clock especially especially big. Because how this research increases the compressive strength of corrugated box,having important sense.
Corrugated box belongs to container, its experiment can ask to undertake by container. Main test project has:
1.Paper box compression test
Compression test compresses paper box namely experiment, it is the basiccest test of pair of paper box performance. Experiment through this, can determine paper box is fought in what different position falls control capacity.
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