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The apply person that machines craft to laminating of ability in swimming is car
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Laminating is 15—20lJm deep special film and presswork undertake compound, in order to increase presswork surface glossiness, strength, heighten visual aesthetic perception. Laminating has oily, ability in swimming and hot pressing to besmear beforehand commonly 3 kinds. Economy of laminating of ability in swimming is substantial, it is the way with domestic the at present most popular laminating, but because of its oneself character also is put in congenital inadequacy, want on a few products careful with.

1.Do not suit large area (especially big on the spot) laminating of graph article product
The glue of laminating of; ability in swimming contains fair water share, using at large area (especially big on the spot) graph article product when answer film, the snowflake shape stain of larger area can appear in graph article surface, affect the exterior quality of the product thereby. Although increase the quantity that use gum to also change not much, can use only oily or hot pressing beforehand film laminating craft is replaced.

2.Be used not easily at hectograph paper use gum
; author ever had used the glue of laminating of ability in swimming of different area, manufacturer to have batch sex trial production, classics and oily especially laminating of glue of double group share is compared, in the laminating on hectograph paper product, the product of laminating of ability in swimming causes paper model very easily to break away from, rip gently sometimes, film and imprint article can part completely, easy cause quality accident.

3.The product of double-faced laminating careful with
Some products ask to need double-faced laminating because of the client, if use production of craft of laminating of ability in swimming, because its are sizy and embedded water capacity is more, imprint portion of the water after tasting laminating volatilizes more quickly hard, cause Yin Jing hair is soft, the requirement of short of client, the quality accident that brings expect to be less than happens.

4.Laminating hind has concave and convex treatment not easily
Undertake to the product of laminating of ability in swimming in its interface produces blaze, bend to knit approaching the meeting when concave and convex treatment, stickup not firm, serious when the meeting is bubbly, behave on art paper relatively outstanding. We can pay close attention to a few glue to order book the title page of a thread-bound book, the line of bar of cover side glue after using laminating of ability in swimming is not very flat, have show uneven the embossing mark of shape, affect product exterior badly.

5.Follow-up treatment awaits, preparative time is too long
What classics 24—48h needs after the product of laminating of ability in swimming is broken up via pieces big is smooth put finalize the design. The roast ability that still spends via 40—500 sometimes flows into construction of foreword of come off work. Main purpose is after its sizy water portion volatilizes, of stable and stickup intensity and laminating product hold out degree. Still need ability of a few special and auxiliary methods to satisfy the requirement that after imprinting, machines sometimes.
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