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The character of UV metal printing ink and utility (below)
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The option that filar mesh counts

The UV metal printing ink of different type, the silk screen that needs to choose different eye to count undertakes pressworking. The solidify of UV printing ink undertakes for an instant, solidify rate is rapidder, solidify film contracts more easily; Webby eye number is smaller, filar way is older, chinese ink layer is thicker, solidify film systole is more apparent, when Chinese ink layer and metallic bottom material cannot when synchronous systole, bring about adherent force to reduce necessarily.

General quality Chinese ink if series of U V - M I - 2 0, UV-MI-25, UV-MI-105 is usable 300 ~ 350 eye are webby, and printing ink of arenaceous series of colour of UV-3 0 0 0 can choose 180 ~ only 220 eye are webby, because place of some metallic grain size are contained in printing ink,this is of the decision, mesh is too tall, arenaceous bead leakage does not go down.

Presswork when UV fights corrode printing ink, the precision that should etch according to the metal and deepness will decide mesh, careful design can choose 300 eye to presswork, etch deeper when, want to use 120 eye silk screen sometimes.

Presswork when printing ink of UV special effect, have solidify requirement. Lubricious to general metal Chinese ink is like UV-MI-20 series, 300 eye when screen printing, the solidify of machine of solid of high-pressured mercuric lamplight that can use above of two 80 W/cm, speed 5 ~ 15 M/min, hardness of solidify film pencil is more than 4H, adherent force 100% .

Printing ink of metal of solid of UV-MI-25 series light is embedded a few young member auxiliary, can enhance printing ink wet to the embellish of lens face metal, raise the printing ink osmosis to metallic surface coating, so the product is before smooth solid, heat to metallic product surface with infra-red lamp or sirocco the adherent prison that can raise printing ink effectively is spent. Poriferous to the surface if positive pole oxidizes hind aluminium board, gush arenaceous or have the metallic product that grinds arenaceous effect, can raise printing ink to add exert oneself and exterior hardness apparently. Graph 5 medium smooth solid machine, installed infrared ray to add shrinkage fitting buy and furrow unit, the solidify that is these difficult adhere metals only namely and of the design.

Printing ink of metal of UV-MI-105 series flexibility to make solidify film has good flexibility, the drawing in counteractive punch process, the cross-linking density of solidify film won't be very high, because speed per hour of this UV solidify is spent,answer some slower.

In printing ink of U V special effect, the solidify rate of Chinese ink of attar of ice of U V -880 is the slowest, the solidify cent of this kind of printing ink is two processes: Put the generation of beautiful design and solidify on the ice. The generation that puts beautiful design on the ice does not need too strong ultraviolet light illuminate, but the time that this one process needs a few seconds normally, the solidify that makes by force solely can be used after glacial flower is formed. Production company of equipment of very much smooth solid does not understand this principle, the light glacial a flower that production gives originallies engine power is very great, major light energy became heat energy, not only cost report, quantity of heat is very difficult eduction, the result is bad also. Graph 6 in the lamp that U V puts Hua Guanggu machine on the ice is apart from adjustable and high-key low.
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