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The basic function of YUPO paper
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YUPO paper is paper of a kind of synthesis, can use at pressworking of all kinds product. Be familiar with the basic function that masters YUPO paper, presswork to decreasing the needless loss in the process, it is very necessary.

YUPO paper basically is formed by polypropylene, embedded calcium carbonate. Presswork to raise its adaptability, the surface of YUPO paper passes special treatment processing, the numerical value that with the contact horny method measures is in commonly 40 dyne / or so centimeters.

Below room temperature, the each physics function of YUPO paper compares stability relatively. But as plastic film for, YUPO paper falls in relatively severe temperature change case, its physics function can have marked change, rise 30 ℃ left and right sides from 20 ℃ when temperature, its tensile strength and be able to bear or endure broken intensity will drop about 5% , drop when air temperature conversely, YUPO paper can harden, tensile strength and be able to bear or endure broken intensity can rise somewhat, index of a few function can have other change. Fall to be controlled to 0 ℃ from 25 ℃ when temperature when, its pull elongate to grow frank meeting to decrease about 25% , this are behaved so that highlight particularly along grain direction on YUPO paper. But its are able to bear or endure fold degree of condition that till make an appointment with 35 ℃ 0 times,is in below, just can have reduce apparently. Notable is, continuously high temperature also can produce distinct effect to YUPO paper. High temperature meets those who cause YUPO paper be out of shape contractive. Maintain continuously when temperature when 70 ℃ above, YUPO paper arises easily to be out of shape permanently, although after the event is adopted,drop in temperature measure, the reply that also cannot make. YUPO paper is consequently unsuited print at using laser, if presswork in employ solution of ability in swimming, must control craft condition strictly in dry process. Adopt normally have content of the water in reducing solution as far as possible, lower deferent rate, increase the measure such as air flow to achieve completely dry. Additional, the stretch characteristic of YUPO paper also nots allow to ignore, in carriage process, should avoid pile exorbitant, collision and concussion, these elements produce pressure likely to cause the deformation of YUPO paper thereby. The course is cut in cent in, besides holding enough and sharp edge, also want to avoid to be cut with pile form cent. Otherwise when cut, because change of edge brim thickness causes pressure,change brings about what cut position is in fluctuation layer to be out of shape thereby.

The become privileged of YUPO paper surface learns to handle, make its were had presswork goodly adaptability. But a lot of elements can are opposite this function produces an effect. Acidity solution can produce reaction with the calcium carbonate in YUPO paper and cause the weightlessness of YUPO paper, but very small to its intensity function influence. A few organic dissolvent and their volatile gas can cause such as to wrinkle to YUPO paper, of curly and so on permanent damage. In the use process of YUPO paper, ought to avoid to use alkyl of toluene, benzene, age, reach compound of a few balmy breed. To the dissolvent of property of a few mineral oil, after must passing a test, ability is used. Electrostatic generation to YUPO paper presswork performance is most outstanding, the Tu Bu that the electrostatic meeting that expresses accumulation affects printing ink directly and adherent. To avoid electrostatic generation, besides a few electrostatic eliminate plant, presswork environmental control is very significant also. 25 ℃ are controlled, below the air humidity condition of about 60% , can saying is relatively ideal condition. Additional, to printing ink it is quite important also to choose, besides should have good chemical compatibility with YUPO paper, consider the chemical stability in using an environment actually even. Choose especially contain metallic salt kind, the printing ink with solvent complex system. Want to know the relevant news of the supplier on one hand, have sufficient test on the other hand indispensable also.
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