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The character of UV metal printing ink and utility (go up)
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The scope of application of UV metal printing ink

Article place narrates UV metal printing ink is to point to can presswork directly in metallic surface (the metal that the material end the metal that includes finishing to pass and exterior cover with paint cross) smooth solidify printing ink, and rather than points to to metal or metallic effect printing ink are contained in printing ink. The commonly used metal in pressworking if gold of titanium of face of copper, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, lens face stainless steel, lens board wait, if the metal that finishing crosses is zincous oxidation is poriferous aluminium board, phosphor changes chromium of nickel of iron sheet of iron plate, galvanization, plating, plating to wait, the metal that exterior cover with paint crosses is like spray coating or hot solid bakes the metallic plate of lacquer to wait.

Different metal, exterior property is different, breed of chooses UV printing ink also should be distinguished somewhat, if adhere to,can appear otherwise layer of the Chinese ink when not firm, metal bends is fragile crack wait for a phenomenon.

The classification of UV metal printing ink, characteristic

Division the cent of U V printing ink that visits a company is the following kinds: General metal uses series of UVMI-20 of UV printing ink, special type metal uses series of UV-MI-25 of UV printing ink, series of UV-MI-105 of printing ink of metal of stretch U V, high temperature resistant series of UV-MI-28 of UV metal printing ink, printing ink of metal of UV of special adornment effect, the metal etchs resist oily set of corrode printing ink and UV metal light with UV. Watch 1 listed not the function of the UV metal printing ink of the type and scope of application, can offer reference.

Metallic character and the finishing before imprinting

Different metal, its are physico-chemical function each are not identical. Some polarity are tall, some polarity are low; Some surface easy oxidation is like copper, some is afraid of that acid is afraid of again alkaline like aluminium; Some tall hardness, some softness but punch. Not congenial metal, should choose the printing ink of U V metal that matchs to it, be like flexible the metal should select series of UV-MI-105 of printing ink of UV stretch metal.

Different metal, exterior condition each are not identical, need undertakes finishing with different method. Some tall burnish, some is poriferous be like alumina board, some surfaces have film of a passivation, some has film, some spray the lacquer that bake, some spray coating. To the metal that Gao Guangze is hard to adhere to, be like lens face titanium stainless steel of face of golden board, lens, net of full edition of surface of need preexistence metal imprints smooth oil of an U V is like UV-802N, other UV lubricious Chinese ink pressworks again after smooth solidify, the effect is very apparent; Also can use division visit appearance of metal of inunction of 20# finishing water, at ℃ of 100 ~ 120 / below condition of 5 ~ 10 Min, UV metal printing ink pressworks again after stoving, prison degree rise greatly. Some metallic coating, do not stick to what printing ink, be like fluorine carbon coating, polypropylene coating, if after P P handles water treatment, only useful and special inorganic agent just can presswork UV printing ink. The coating of different composition, apply different finishing agent processing.
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