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The adherent intensity of oil of glazing of UV printing ink, UV
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The printer that pack industry grows at full speed to direction of fast, polychromatic, black-and-white, UV printing ink and UV smooth oil already were become pack presswork of material bestow favor on newly. But the time as application, applied domain increases ceaselessly, people also raised newer, taller requirement to afore-mentioned products: Want not to work on printing machine already, after wanting to imprint again can rapid dry; Should use makings cost already low, want burnish again tall; Want period of keep in storage to grow already, should presswork again, after roller besmears, adherent prison has been spent.

Current, can achieve afore-mentioned requirements at the same time have hardly. Pack presswork what jockey cares is to presswork the conglutinate prison of Chinese ink film, roller gelatinize film is spent, it is next can flow when microtherm and do not agglomerate.

No matter be UV printing ink, still be UV glazing oil, pack presswork the factory is to be afraid that in air temperature the season with tall, big humidity works; 2 it is to be afraid of bear imprint content moisture content exceeds bid. Because be in,afore-mentioned workshop environment pressworks on He Chengyin content or glazing hind is extremely easy by first when bolt (adhesive plaster paper) pull Chinese ink film or glue film fall off, be retreated by the user goods. For example the author is in “ of Henan Luo river double collect ” group discovery: The box of ham bowel paper of this group is packed, with heal of adhesive plaster paper, uncover when consumption after ripping adhesive plaster, the decorate that its pack heal to go up (printing ink and glazing oil) by agglomerate pull, reduced the commodity that pack to express (face) the quality on view, damaged the brand image of this enterprise directly. Be like Cheng Yinwu of group of Nanjing gold foil again the mouth on Han Jinlong cigarette is beautiful, label should be stuck automatically in high speed of ℃ of 140 ℃ ~160 when, in often sticking mark craft continuously, not be to stick label hard, namely not high temperature resistant or it is cent when cutting, drop presswork graph article is lubricious a …… . This was affected not only have certain and famous the fame of spent gold foil group, also increased percent defective to the user.

Because,afore-mentioned printing ink and glazing oil fall off is they and bear imprint adherent intensity difference causes between content. How to increase adherent strength.

The author is right harbor of Zhang Jia of Pudong of Hunan beneficial this world, Shanghai, Jiangsu, without stannum, Henan and other places of Qingdao of this world of new rural area, Xing, Shandong undertakes survey, before union some year experience, visited early or late presswork the elder of the bound. Cong Guanggu colophony or get together beforehand content arrives cross-linking agent dosage, get together to block from photosensitive agent after parameter of the different brand of the agent, technology and actual scale analyse, think: Had a few manufacturers to ignore the effect of cross-linking agent, a good cross-linking dose also is an ideal active thinner, not only with of tree dried meat it is good to mix dissolve, can dissolve and attenuant unsaturated polyester, colophony reduces viscosity of printing ink, optical oily system, increase the liquidity of printing ink, smooth oil. Can attend smooth solidify reaction, often slant in its recipe so little, thereby complete printing ink fluidity is bad to agglomerate oilily with light, do not fight aspic; It is photosensitive agent dosage secondly too big, think erroneously: Photosensitive agent can raise rate of key light solidify, actually otherwise, dosage is much, cannot raise smooth solidify rate not only, and manufacturing cost raised accordingly, photosensitive agent excessive, the conjunctiva intensity that can reduce UV open wagon or UV glazing oil is waited a moment. Be made up in what the spot has new material and produce craft to adjust, method of try out, application is compared, actinic reacts the light intensity of the process and light energy are recorded, lukewarm, humidity controls solidify speed and workshop environment, bear imprint content PU value and water assign different content (1% , 2% , 3% , 5% , 6% , 7% , 8% ) the discovery after contrast: No matter be mellow collosol or glue of polyvinyl chloride bottom with bear imprint control of its water content is in the chipboard of content 3% advisable, say to presswork so UV printing ink and oil of glazing of roller besmear UV because fluidity difference, agglomerate those who appear is adherent degree bad, concern with water content. Raise Chinese ink film adherent intensity is to change new UV printing ink and UV glazing oil, 2 it is the Shanghai that adds 3%~6% in this printing ink or glazing oil the JS-PPH of chemical plant of bright and beautiful hill (302) the auxiliary that become film, or the JS-F4011 adherent accelerant that adds 0.2%~0.5% or the CH3COOC2H5 that add 5%~15% , can make sure film of oily glue of film of Chinese ink of printing ink of the black-and-white that pack and glazing adheres to intensity gets essential promotion.
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