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Pack the sort of the commonly used label that prevent bogus and its characterist
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Current, pack the commonly used label that prevent bogus to have ten sort:
1. Prevent lift seal
Disclose with what a kind of base material is plastic film model not dry glue prevents bogus a paper strip for sealing, glue does not work without the word for coloured before be being uncovered plastic; After be being uncovered, coloured handwriting can see on paper, in plastic on see apparent colorless handwriting, have uncover namely the characteristic that caustic, one caustic shows namely, multi-purpose guarantee at preventing bogus envelope, electric equipment the domain such as label.

2. Brittle paper label
Use tailor-made easy shredded paper or brittle stuff of not dry glue, brand, character can be printed above the specification is mixed a form code, stickup after bag mount can no more complete uncover, once be uncovered, paper criterion disintegrate.
3. Prevent bogus integratedly uncover impress paper label
Use a variety of technologies that prevent bogus integratedly label of made paper of not dry glue, can strengthen the function that prevent bogus. Rise to prevent label to be uncovered, move to change and repeat use, can apply a model to cut impress technology, local to label undertake preventing uncovering handling, after be being uncovered, cannot recover from an illness.
4. Label of bar code technology
The bar code sort that uses at present is more, the bar code that prevent bogus basically has one dimension bar code, 2 dimension bar code two kinds. Bar code technology can make better faster land popularize application not only, and can obtain an actor goods not by the sham, purpose that protects consumer interest.
5. Laser hologram label
Laser hologram technology packs the application that go up in the bag that prevent bogus basically is to print the label that prevent bogus and label. Influence laser is holographic the sort that the element that label defends bogus performance is label and use position, laser hologram prevents the sort of bogus label to have the following kinds.
① does not do glue model
Will holographic article of the graph that prevent bogus is made go up in stuff of not dry glue, when using, need not besmear brush any cohere agents, better to mechanical adaptability. The biggest drawback is can use repeatedly, outlaw can use second hand packing and label to make a holiday.
② is prevented uncover model
Made up for common the defect of label of not dry glue, from the bag when label mount is uncovered when, the hologram of label is ulterly changed, cannot use again, but the act that check uses old label to make a holiday.
③ is very hot imprint model
Be a kind what cannot uncover is holographic the label that prevent bogus, use bronzing machine will holographic the label that prevent bogus is very hot imprint to the material that pack, to it be in harmony is an organic whole.
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