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High-grade a few kinds of nets of the box that pack imprint craft (below)
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2. is right bear imprint the requirement of material
Net Yin Bing spends laminating paper is the film of vacuum plating aluminium that covered a Gao Guangze in the chipboard surface of tall smoothness, laminating quality is to decide net glacial a flower imprints one of crucial factors of quality. The exterior glossiness of laminating has very big effect to product quality, exterior glossiness is taller, reflection is stronger, effect glacial a flower jumps over beautiful, decorative pattern more shine, brighter. Because presswork after imprint article should undertake UV solidify instantly, this has certain light resistance, hear resistance with respect to requirement laminating, it is namely in whole solidify process, requirement laminating cannot rouse bubble, cannot produce depart with rock-bottom chipboard more.
3. puts attar Chinese ink on the ice
Printing ink glacial a flower is a kind of special UV printing ink, its presswork graph grain can be divided for big, medium, small 3 kinds. Design of old decorative pattern is 6 ~ 8mm about, decorative pattern is 4 ~ 6mm about in, floret grain is 2 ~ 4mm about. If the ice these 3 kinds of decorative pattern spends printing ink to mix,use, can build the exterior groom effect that gives a kind of brand-new big flower to cover floret.
Printing ink glacial a flower is transparent, won't enclothe rock-bottom printing ink not only, return the apply colours to a drawing with can rise certain to the colour of rock-bottom printing ink instead action, make presswork the visual result that design presents colour spot billows.
4. puts beautiful net on the ice to imprint
Presswork the hardness of scraper is in HS65 ~ 75, blow Mo Heyin to brush the effect to had been compared. In pressworking, printing ink glacial a flower uses discontinuous solidify method, imprint taste the deferent speed on solidify machine conveyer belt to be 25 ~ 35 meters / minute. The UV tube that solidify illuminant discharges to stand side by side 6 times, power strength is 60 ~ 80W/cm. When solidify, imprint after lamp of before tasting a course 3 UV, answer to be blown with wind in cooling zone, the solidify area of 3 lamps after reentrance, after that reoccupy air cooling is blown, such solidify effects are much better.

Refraction net imprints craft
In recent years arisen refraction net imprints the technology is to pack a net to imprint familial a medium nova. Traditional refraction effect is to make the cupreous zinc plate that contains refraction grain first commonly, with circle pressing circle or letterpress machine of round planish type are on gold, silver-colored paperboard extrude is different the line of angle, produce refraction grain result, the defect of this kind of method is plate making cost tall, the effect is not quite ideal also. And the net imprints can be in easily the concave and convex line with fine favorable balance of trade pressworks on lens face gold, silver-colored paperboard, produce colorful refraction result via the meeting after smooth illuminate, make the packing box of screen printing more high and luxuriant.
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