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Traditional art packs medium application in liquor
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Liquor culture is one big gem of our country, from ancient up to now, the without number of classical a poem of four lines that bookman poet borrows wine and sends, can say wine and Chinese literature, art is having close tie. Archaic shedding hands down the beautiful line about wine and literary quotation, still be circulated by people nowadays, serve as the setting of the brand and carry forward. And the wine that different period appears is provided, be like honour, the rank of nobility, handleless cup, 罍 , by modern outspread for handicraft, use at liquor to pack afresh. Different district has its peculiar culture to inside information, civilian traditional art can reflect this one region the culture scene of different period, contemporary liquor is packed but according to not contemporaneous tradition art reflects liquor history. Can say, archaic art accomplished liquor culture, and modern reflected liquor quality with art.

Pack an architect as contemporary liquor, the information phase that how reachs the culture of Chinese traditional art and liquor itself its to want to amount to is united in wedlock, clear, succinct state between heart, this is the issue that plan adding up to effect wants to elaborate.

One, the district ingredient that uses traditional skill in bag mount

Every area has its place distinguishing feature, be like the rice paper of Anhui and Chinese ink, inkstone; The kite of Shandong Wei lane; Fan of the Suzhou embroidery of Suzhou, the pride of China; A ball made of strips of silk of Chuang; Guizhou wax printing and woodcarving mask are waited a moment, it is the material that can reflect terrain distinguishing feature, be like the wine of blast furnace home of Anhui, a complete set of packs carry to send a building to wait for an element with badge carve, badge, anhui distinctive traditional and artistic color is clever in blending in the design that pack, integral quietly elegant, succinct, having a unique style. Because used local civilian room, not only give local kind sense, also passed the culture with peculiar Anhui to foreigner. In addition it still wielded the ink stick that has Anhui distinguishing feature dizzy, the soft beauty that foils word of Home “ ” and regardless of trival matters, let people experience a kind of harmony, elegant individual lasting appeal.

The fluid of grain of river of the Song Dynasty of Henan, imprint on outer packing the river on Pure Brightness pursues, what graph of the river on Pure Brightness depicts is the prosperous picture of season of Pure Brightness of Beijing of another name for Kaifeng of period of Northen Song Dynasty. The Henan that Beijing of another name for Kaifeng is nowadays unseals, as landed wine, cite historical culture bequest of place to wrap mount at the product, have conviction most, it reflected the history adequately long move and character feeling. On the composition of a picture that pack, the river on Pure Brightness pursues an intercept one fraction, only enough of this one fraction reflects its culture distinguishing feature. Design is occupied whole those who pack 1/2 to 1/3, stay on its white, song He on paper of appear vividly of two big character, design not only without a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, it is an organic whole with the be in harmony that pack. Whole feels flaming, concise air.
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