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High-grade a few kinds of nets of the box that pack imprint craft (on)
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Imprint as the net of equipment, material introduce and develop, domestic net imprints new technology had very great progress. Depend on the distinct advantage of oneself, the net imprints in domain of the decorate that pack to accept favour fully, its position and action also more and more not allow to ignore, be wide more in smoke, wine, gift package especially to use. Application is at present most etch when the metal that belong to copy, the net such as grain glacial a flower, refraction imprints craft, the prints box that pack, colour is elegant and gorgeous, showily, can weighs top grade, get of consumer love, market market is valued. Copy metal etchs the net imprints craft
Alleged copy metal etchs the net imprints, be in those who have metallic burnish namely bear imprint material is like gold, silver-colored paperboard to go up, use a net to imprint means pressworks copy metal etchs printing ink, get one sort is like smooth metallic classics to corrode, carve or grind arenaceous etc treated distinctive vision effect.
1. copy metal etchs the net is printed edition
(The choice of 1) silk screen. Should choose piece of muscularity, mesh the silk screen with even, adjustable small rate, choose tabby to knit commonly thin model polyester is webby. Because copy metal etchs the grain of printing ink is thicker, the diameter is controlled in 15 ~ 30μm about, plate making appropriate chooses 240 item of 180 ~ / inch webby, mesh width can achieve result of 60 ~ 90μm best.
(The choice of 2) screen frame and stretch tight net. Screen frame should choose intensity good, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure the aluminium alloy screen frame of corrode, light, durable, changeless form. Stretch tight to assure network quality, stretch tight machinery can be used to stretch tight when the net net machine or pneumatic stretch tight net machine, stretch tight net tension should be controlled between 16 ~ 18N/cm.
(Fluid of sensitization of 3) besmear cloth. Sensitive glue can use gum of heavy nitrogen sensitization, besmear cloth chamfer pledges for stainless steel more, will sensitive fluid is entered 1/2 is occupied about inside groove, tilt the webby edition that has stretched tight 70° , besmear cloth chamfer and net layout lower end are contacted, and slowly upgrade is carried, wire side of edge of from bottom to top undertakes Tu Bu. Notice speed does not pass fast, lest sensitive fluid is bubbly, velar face occurrence pinhole. Will webby edition besmears again topsy-turvy later cloth, undertake stoving inside box of 40 ℃ drying next. Be opposite again after stoving the face blowing Chinese ink of net edition besmears with same method cloth 2 ~ 3, film is deep achieve 10 ~ 30μm can.
(4) printing down. The medical film face that is will positive picture joins closely to go up in face of glue of webby edition sensitization, buy enters the exposure in machine of vacuum printing down. Exposure light source can choose light of 3kW iodic gallium, time of exposure can be decided according to particular case.
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