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Contemporary pack the technology that prevent bogus to connect see (below)
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3, special burnish pressworks technology

Special burnish pressworks the technology is in recent years, packing a group relatively popular new-style presswork technology. Special burnish pressworks to basically metallic burnish pressworks, bead light pressworks, pearl burnish pressworks, refraction pressworks, fluorescence pressworks, alterable burnish pressworks, crystallization body burnish pressworks, copy metal etchs presswork He Yaguang pressworks etc. Different special burnish pressworks use different method, if metallic burnish pressworks,use aluminum foil metalloid compound paper, move with metallic burnish is being formed after transparent printing ink; Bead light pressworks to be spread in the surface of presswork above all with silver-colored oar, wear again with bead light effect is being formed after transparent printing ink; Pearl burnish pressworks is micaceous grain is joined in printing ink in order to form the burnish of pearl shell carapace; Inferior light pressworks is to use inferior after smooth printing ink or common printing ink presswork, spread with disappear optical thin coating.

4, shrink small character is made imprint the technology that prevent bogus

Shrink small character is made imprint the technology that prevent bogus is used namely shrink small character or letter will replace simple outline or line to wait, observation falls in magnifier. Shrink small character uses method of black-and-white of offset print plate making commonly, presswork by a group of offset print of printing machine unit will finish. Because shrink small character stroke is slight, accordingly, be made in film and forme is basked in in making, want to control time of exposure and the chroma that rinse medical fluid strictly, should master fine offset print to presswork at the same time pressure. Control process strictly only, ability crinkle small character not empty is not burnt.

5, engraved intaglio plate pressworks technology

Engraved intaglio plate pressworks to basically use manual sculpture, mechanical sculpture and electronic carven form of intaglio printing, because the depth of form of intaglio printing showed the rank air administrative levels of design and the shade rate with lubricious Chinese ink, can realize rainbow to presswork thereby, wiring pressworks, decorative pattern butt joint pressworks, of polychromatic superimposition and recessive design presswork etc, achieve the goal that prevents bogus then. Its technological process is:
—— of the edition on —— of the preparation before imprinting adjusts custom —— to presswork —— imprints aftertreatment

6, a variety of pressworking means closes imprint the technology that prevent bogus

Use on same presswork presswork differently means, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, produce respective advantage. Because process is complex, presswork difficulty is great, have the stronger function that prevent bogus consequently. The look that a little high-grade presswork that pack designs large area mostly piece, design of the successive attune picture of polychromatic foreword and complex line, decorative pattern, right onefold presswork means often comes true hard. Use smooth protruding to close for example imprint the technology undertakes preventing bogus, use letterpress machine to approach the good point with even Chinese ink of muscularity, move, those who have large area is on-the-spot color piece pressworks, use offset machine pressure downy, the advantage with strong capability of emersion of design arrangement of ideas prints 4 kinds of successive attune and complex line section. For example, have bedding face to accumulate solid base to only of color and product objective photograph pack article, we can imprint with protruding first the method imprints piece only color, reoccupy is smooth imprint the technology imprints a product design, than normally 4 kinds of offset became much one is made the same score imprint with only the accurate overprint of lubricious design, increased to presswork difficulty, rose to prevent bogus sex. Can use according to packing the characteristic of the product and requirement smooth, protruding, sunken peace, protruding, sunken with the multitask such as silk foreword closes imprint.
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