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Flexible package of medicines and chemical reagents coils the control of span of
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Pack in the grain agent of medicines and chemical reagents in, use composition of the most extensive flexible package material to be: PET/AL/PE film, PET/ squeezes LDPE/AL/PE film, when this kind packs material to be used on automatic packer, through shaping, vertical / transverse heat is sealed make the bag that pack, repass photoelectricity dogs the system undertakes positional identifying to color patch of black-and-white fixed position, make sure packer is automatic the accuracy of cut position.

Because each medicines and chemical reagents produce manufacturer to use the working principle of packer, control precision has very big distinction, the requirement that different packer brushs limits of error of color patch span to imprinting also has very big different. Because pack the correction error limits of limits of error of span of color patch of the black-and-white on material and packer to be not accorded with,often happen, and bring about material to cannot be used normally, whole batch even the circumstance that material discards as useless, this produces manufacturer and both sides of manufacturer of the production that pack to bring a loss to medicines and chemical reagents. Produce manufacturer as the material that pack, the packer property that using for pharmaceutical factory is being answered before goods undertakes understanding adequately, undertake in order to facilitate specific aim ground brushs kind of mark span to imprinting be controllinged accurately. The basis is many righter of batch product dog, we mastered two kinds of afore-mentioned structures basically to pack material to presswork the metabolic rule of color patch span:

To PET (fabric width 1000mm, ply 0.012mm) material

One, after pressworking, cursor span incline to at narrowing, contractible degree depends on the size of tension of the feed when pressworking. This is the tension because of the material when pressworking bigger, and of printer foreword accept a pulling force lesser, such making material falls in condition of larger pulling force, black-and-white graph article is fore-and-aft after tension is reduced contractible. Usually, feed tension control is in 8 ~ 12kg is relatively appropriate. Inside this limits, the contractible quantity of the cursor after pressworking is in about 1.5‰ less than. When feed tension is more than 15kg, span of the cursor after pressworking narrows the quantity can amount to 3‰ above most.

2, dry law is complex (with PET/AL/PE (or CPP) the structure is exemple) when, proper compound tension is right presswork the impact of velar cursor span is not big, can control drawing quantity basically to be in 1‰ less than, but when first time is compound, too large besmear cloth pulling force (be more than 15kg, quicken in the machine for instance when) , can make cursor span spins, quantity of the biggest drawing can amount to 2‰ . Usually, when ground floor is compound, presswork compound tension control of film is in 9 ~ 11kg is relatively appropriate.
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