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Pack presswork the harm of skin of printing ink knot and precaution
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The knot skin that forms as a result of printing ink keep in storage and before imprinting or a skin that when imprinting, appears, often give pack presswork the enterprise brings endless trouble, also raised the manufacturing cost of close 1‰ to the enterprise at the same time. Because pack,this kind of breakdown is presswork printing ink is in keep in storage or presswork as a result of its the surface and air are contacted in the process, cause the volatilization of the oxidation of vegetable oil or organic dissolvent, bring about printing ink system to produce the effect such as polymerization, form gel —— namely common says to presswork the knot skin of printing ink. Because written guarantee leather hind is very difficult answer dissolve, reason can fall commonly.

We know, should presswork when printing ink chroma raises fixed cost, its surface can be enclothed by an element place, at this moment although use Bu Jiarong agent or oil in order to reduce the concentration of printing ink, but had writtened guarantee skin (gel) the surface contains more elements impossibly also again. After this kind of breakdown appears, give not only presswork bring a trouble, and cause with the very big waste of makings. According to calculating: Light person wasteful 1‰ , the person that weigh wastes near 1 % . Of this kind of materiality use up pack presswork the company raised heavy economic burden. To prevent the happening of this kind of phenomenon, printing ink generator or presswork to jockey uses a person to be versed in normally or place polyethylene to be in charge of agitate to blend fill the method that adds agent of the skin that prevent a knot undertakes rescueing, its purpose no more than is to will presswork charge falls the least value. The experience that author basis accumulates for years, observation, the introduction prevents to pack presswork the method of skin of printing ink knot and measure, offer reference of reader of person of the same trade.

One, pack presswork the step that printing ink takes after knot skin

Everybody knows, should presswork the printing ink in the carpenter's ink marker in the process because surface layer is dry and when forming film of one administrative levels, or places a dasher, or is flat pour this Chinese ink, otherwise, leather film will adhere to on roller canister, the result can make layout is formed uneven, bring about thereby imprint the pollution that tastes mark of occurrence chaos knife. Its reason, apt of printing ink bound: (1) printing ink is dry too fast; (2) printing ink fluidity is poor; (3) the precipitation of printing ink is dry already. But ripe because of,knowing this kind of phenomenon is of printing ink system volatilize, or evaporate, or the gradient with dry oxidation causes greatly, and presswork the bound thinks: The Chinese ink bucket of printing ink or structure of carpenter's ink marker are bad, generation stagnant stops part, the air drying from drier leakage the surface layer of printing ink or the printing ink place that heat up hair drier to be blown in carpenter's ink marker cause. Although numerous say differ, but the occurrence around this kind of phenomenon, presswork the processing technique that jockey uses commonly is: (1) cannot use dry too fast printing ink; (2) in adding slow dry dissolvent; (3) the printing ink that changes to already deteriorated (need liquidity by fluidity namely admirable) ; (4) ceaseless in carpenter's ink marker agitate; (5) the coping that on carpenter's ink marker the setting closes; (6) adjust hot blowy angle. Have commonly presswork the person of experience general knowledge, should work fast too fast, or printing ink chroma is too weak, or flow is undesirable, or printing ink touchs denaturation big, or when printing ink is electrostatic, can adopt printing machine instrument speed moves quick way, prevented dry and hard of printing ink in advance to be on forme already, overcame again pack presswork the knot skin that printing ink forms into film, removed the striped trouble of graph article.
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