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Sunken imprint the design that pack gets used to elegant work
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In the design that pack, reasonable the restriction that removes all sorts of factors is sunken imprint the mark with the mature stylist that pack, also be sunken imprint the skill that stylist must be treated seriously and masters adroitly. Include colorific to apply, plate making craft, presswork material, make bag of means wait, these elements make sunken imprint the design that pack and other industry design if design of book binding and layout, advertisement handbill design differs somewhat. Had done sunken imprint the design that pack, should follow the following principle: Innovation —— is sunken imprint the soul of the design that pack is sunken imprint high-tech of the collect that pack, material learns, aesthetic, economics is an organic whole, except have protective product, facilitating Chu Yungong can outside, main purpose is the person that the competition ability that enhances a product is expended with offset attract. As a result of sunken imprint element of limitation of technology of the design that pack is very much, affected the originality of stylist, the original intention that should achieve a design to pack needs ceaseless innovation and breakthrough. Be good at using newest or the packing data that uses without place of has used the stuff that pack must locate with product market conform to, achieve the goal that achieves the optimal result that pack with lowermost cost.

The case with relatively successful respect is being used in new material is outfit of a bowl of sweet convenient biscuit, revise data of traditional and convenient cover, bold breakthrough, draw lessons from snack to pack design style, use transparent printing ink to presswork on plating aluminous film, bright color appears on the market to make the conspicuous central point in numerous and congener product, obtained favorable sales promotion result in the market.

Computer technology development is rapid, these provided a lot of new methods for stylist, the special effects of software also can bring the result that expect is less than to design design. In layout and formally ceaseless breakthrough has a format to let pack in congener product with brand-new face dash forward it is the pursuit with assiduous stylist now, the bold innovation, design style that crosses an industry to draw lessons from other product, the ” of the breakthrough spends ” is the important level that measures stylist level.

Development of estate of our country milk is at present rapid, formal full of beautiful things in eyes is packed on the market, if use style of traditional pattern, of primitive simplicity to design milk powder to pack, be widely divergent with market popularity trend necessarily, purpose of short of sales promotion. Some design whole results are bad, but the some in packing design is local touched popularity, have economy of sales promotion purpose likewise practical.
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