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The generation of the pinhole in the net edition process that make and avoid a m
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Pinhole also is a general designation of small hole of net edition surface. It can arise presswork stick dirty, deposit of layer of local Chinese ink, attenuating malpractice. The side is separated in webby surface as a result of sensitive glue inhomogenous, make administrative levels pressworks become more flabby calm, off color is clearer, also can make service life reduces net edition greatly.
The reason that analyses pinhole generation is in the whole process of webby plate making take the way to deal with a situation, very big to raising net edition quality to have profit.

One, the account that pinhole produces

Occurrence pinhole of edition of the net after develop, often cause by undermentioned reason:

(1) incorrect net edition is defatted processing.

(2) there is defatted incomplete to dirty remains and do solid to be in before rinsing net edition surface.

(3) dry method is wrong after sensitive oar Tu Bu

(4) dry method is wrong after sensitive oar Tu Bu

(5) dry when the net edition after be the same as net edition develop or defatted the net edition after is put together

(6) net edition has not be over completely dry with respect to exposure

(7) stick on printing down film have dirt and smudgy

(8) stick on glass of platform of printing down machine have dirt

(9) plate making is indoor the dust grain in air falls in sensitive glue surface

(10) on glue is fought in be stained with dirt

(11) Tu Bu rate is wrong

(12) emulsion and method of mix up of agent of heavy nitrogen sensitize are incorrect

(13) already the sensitive glue of sensitize sets time too long

(14) source of water is not quite clean

2, the method that pinhole solves

(1) ensure before correct net defatted processing technique, when net edition is defatted, will defatted continent even Tu Bu brushs scrub with wool at net edition surface complete, first from presswork the face begins, again face of scrub plate making, duration 3—5 or so minutes.

(2) the meeting on the silk screen of chemical incomplete existence such as degreasing agent is caused to silk screen damage. Manufacturing business has detailed operation specification to them. Before carrying out below one working procedure, must undertake rinsing with pressure water, ensure silk screen is thoroughly clean. Webby and abluent standard is webby face can even adhere to a water is fleece-faced, otherwise must new and defatted processing.

3) increase besmear cloth ply appropriately, want to undertake administrative levels pressworks, appropriate uses direct diaphragm or indirect diaphragm stickup law, and to direct way, ply must achieve 7-8μm, appear easily otherwise pinhole.
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