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Offset print plate making and its craft control a note
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Current print competition is more and more intense, offset print pressworks engineering technology is more and more mature. To improve product quality, often need from presswork detail proceed with, meticulous and considerate consideration its manufacture complementary makings and engineering technology. Offset print is had presswork pressure is little, presswork be out of shape be worth effect of emersion of lesser, manuscript clarity of tonal and good, downy, site, presswork administrative levels is rich, presswork quick and loss is little wait for a characteristic, reason applies extensively at all sorts of products presswork, special agree with presswork chromatically transfers site edition, line, fine writing. Combine oneself old work experience now, be aimed at the control of offset print engineering technology, with everybody industry person of the same trade undertakes discussing.

One, control of engineering technology of design plate making

1, presswork on-the-spot layout should avoid to be the same as color contain in edition fine writing, line and transfer site, lest wait because of quantity of pressure, Chinese ink cannot give attention to two or morethings and generation burnt edition, site expands or Chinese ink layer is not quite thick wait for a phenomenon, affect product quality.

2, presswork the place that overprint exists between each edition, beard general among them the overprint brim of one edition makes proper enlarge shrink, in order to overcome the phenomenon that because of overprint forbids and bringing about the brim “ shows white ” .

3, when 4 kinds presswork, the beard when plate making outputs phenanthrene forest notices reticle angle. Normally the circumstance falls, reticle angle Y90° , M45° , C75° , K15° , general mass-tone moves edition reticle angle to choose to be 45° .

2, presswork the engineering technology control that go up

1, presswork control of temperature and humidity.

The temperature and humidity that controls good production workshop is those who raise product overprint precision is important one annulus, the temperature and humidity of offset print workshop should maintain relative balance and temperature should maintain between 20~25 ℃ , humidity should maintain between 50%~60% .

2, of edition of offset print PS reasonable choose. PS edition pressworks in offset print in acting important role, it is main with edition radical by photosensitive layer two parts are comprised, ply is 0.15~0.3mm commonly, the photosensitive layer after requirement exposure should have good lipophilicity, edition radical should have good hydrophily. PS edition should satisfy layout level off, thickness not stability of even, dimension, changeful form, surface reproducibility of clean, site is good, be able to bear or endure imprint lead the tall, Shui Moping when pressworking judge go up well, not easily dirty wait for basic function.
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