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Of fluid of the finishing in PS edition production process detect with control (
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1. Artificial control.

This is our country great majority is at present medium or small the common practice of company of PS edition production. The data that basically expresses whole now product line changes administrative system to had be notted form. Automation rate is low, to finishing craft paragraph of fluid of all sorts of soda acid processing detecting often is only appearance shows. And the real time monitoring that does not have automation, among them chroma detects is finished by artificial lab titrate, fill adding juice also is by undertake by experience artificially. Because this gets a person,affect for the element very big. If the graph shows 3 times,control flow artificially:

(Check of 1) time make one's rounds. On product line, finishing craft paragraph of each soda acid solution store in fluid box, match the testing instrument of soda acid chroma with corresponding stock severally. Of type having a case or it is wall hung indication dish. Acerbity fluid or the are lye real time chroma in indication box. In the process of normal production. As reaction undertake. The chroma of all sorts of soda acid solution has different rate reduce and change. Accordingly. The worker is met according to fixed number. Time the indication of each appearance counts go on a tour of inspection. After time examination. Sampling of the member that the worker can inform identifier detects the actual chroma that handles fluid. In addition. If there is a problem in producing a course,appear. When affecting quality of material of finished product edition. The worker also can send check finishing fluid sampling.

(2) lab titrate detects. The chroma of solution detects is finished through the means of titration in the lab. Inspector decides according to the color change of indicator titration is terminal. The bulk that spends according to standard solution next. Computation analyses a result. Get the accurate consistency of provenance manage fluid.

(3) fills artificially add. Be in charge of filling the worker that adds former juice. Fill in what get inspector after increasing an announcement. Need a value according to corresponding chroma. Fill to the middle of handling case the former fluid that increases certain amount. In order to restore the solution chroma that craft asks. Specific fill the amount that increases former fluid, often be to depend on the worker's old practice experience. Fumble stage by stage the certain experience that come out is numeric.

2. Semi-automatic turn control.

Current. A few enterprises are on the foundation that is based on artificial control experience. The design gives a “ semi-automatic the plant of solution concentration control that convert, sketch map is shown 4 times like the graph.

On product line, each finishing fluid all matchs the testing instrument of soda acid chroma with corresponding stock in circular chamfer. The indication face plate of the buy outside having through lead join. Acerbity fluid or the are lye chroma in showing circular chamfer in real time are worth.
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