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Of fluid of the finishing in PS edition production process detect with control (
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Instead base finishing working procedure is holding very significant position in Ps edition product line.

PS edition is to besmear beforehand the abbreviation of sensitive colophony edition, it is the material of edition of a kind of offset print that will sensitive fluid besmears cloth is formed in place of edition radical surface beforehand. Because PS edition has resolution,full, administrative levels abounds emersion of tall, site, water Chinese ink balances easy control, pressrun is advanced characteristic, be applied extensively at pressworking industry.

According to statistic our country is at present annual quantity of total demand has achieved PS edition 100 million square metre, total productivity has been close to domestic Ps edition 200 million square metre. PS edition manufacturing industry has become our country to presswork currently one of pillar industries with equipment all in all manufacturing industry, emerge in large numbers gave a few well-known trademarks and well-known company, formed a form a complete set all ready, dimensions is changed, system of the PS edition research and development of seriation, production, sale, service, become our country to presswork domain little some, true be market dominant with domestic product just about presswork one of equipment.

One, Ps edition brief introduction

Current, what our country applies extensively is edition of graph of aluminium radical this world PS, it is with the aluminium with thick 0.1mm-0.5mm edition radical regards support as body. Via electroanalysising the surface such as oxidation is rough the oxidation film layer that changes processing to form arenaceous order state, besmear cloth weighs layer of azotic sensitization colophony again and make power.

1. Open a book to read. The aluminous edition that uses reel formula base, have character small, dimension stabilizes light, retractility, get the characteristic such as close and even arenaceous eye easily, classics positive pole oxidizes form power alumina, make its have very strong hydrophily, be able to bear or endure corrode sex and wearability, show good printability.

2. Remove oil. Aluminium board needs oleaginous refrigeration in rolling process. Mix in keep in storage before carrying, corrode to avoid the appearance. Meeting besmear has antirust oil kind try to protect. To make electroanalysis oxidation achieves ideal result. Be opposite aluminium board undertakes electroanalysising, before the arenaceous eye such as oxidation changes processing, must the smeary eliminate that aluminium board surface adheres to.

3. Electroanalysis. Use electrolysis more thick change aluminium board, use alternating current the characteristic of polarity of quite can continuous change, make aluminium board happens ceaselessly in rare hydrochloric acid electroanalysis. And make edition radical surface is formed thick the grain that change.
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