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The functional design of the label that prevent bogus and application (go up)
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The form that the label that prevent bogus often signs with doing glue label or condole exists, apply extensively at all trades and professions, with contented and of all kinds product prevent bogus, identify, the need of attestation. As the ticket that has independent function, the label that prevent bogus arrives greatly security is extremely high prevent bogus visa paster integratedly (management of condition of each country discrepancy is used) , small guarantee to the mobile phone of single function label (soggy caution) , have what degree differs to prevent forge, prevent uncover except, track, the function such as inquiry, safety administration. So, how be in preventing bogus label to design a process, united in wedlock beautiful with the function? How to complete the functional sex design of label? How hold correctly and to how hold correctly and understand the principle of the design? The article gives out character, offer industry communication only.

1, the label that prevent bogus designs element
① is inside limited space, include all must character;
All sorts of literal image features that ② includes to be designed to prevent to forge;
③ uses the technology with much capacity in narrow space, increase forge difficulty;
Because use the production that prevent bogus label and causes and administrative difficulty,④ reduces a client, even cost expenses.

2, design of function of the label that prevent bogus
Label is not a few different techniques and the simple load one's writing with fancy phrases that devise way, it by the raw material, technology that prevent bogus, printer art, printing ink, database, laser is holographic wait for an expert to design a working group to be finished jointly. Although we cannot be prevented,forge behavior, but if use hard me-too hi-tech, identify knowledge of label of true and false to consumer conduct propaganda, can remove keep within limits to create false effect. “ is beautiful it is optional, safety is the first criterion that first ” is work of the design that prevent bogus, beautiful it is to build in prevent bogus, safe foundation over. Because this prevents bogus label to should abide by certain design principle:
Although ① choice is duplicated to also can see the special design of apparent difference;
② is chosen forge difficulty, and the production methods with high investment;
③ makes full use of consumer has mastered or the identifying that learns easily is true the method of bogus will perfect the design that prevent bogus;
④ had better make clear the means method that identifies true and false on label.

The following kinds of main functions often are used to design in design of the label that prevent bogus, prevent the purpose of bogus in order to achieve.
Lines of ◆ label ground is designed
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