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Traditional PS edition: Make the technique of CTP plate making of poor home
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CTP computer is direct plate making, not only saved negative to output a project, also reduced negative material and its develop, fixative to reclaim at the same time the worry of processing. But on the other hand, the equipment price of the forme output machine of CTP is very high, from 7, 8 million go to a yuan to have, be not all output centers to reach presswork the factory can assume, and CTP forme price also often is traditional PS edition double or above, the tower above of sum of two kinds of material that adds PS edition compared with negative a few, this kind of burden pressworks high in the cable industry of certain and exquisite efficiency or profit a person of same business, need not care probably, but presswork scantily in certain profit a person of same business, they very send look at traditional PS edition, use ultraviolet ray and atomic convex mirror get together smooth CTP, can give a way to was not hit.
The simplest CTP is edition of use tradition PS, reach printer of platform type ink jet, the practice is not exposure is in relief piece PS edition puts printer station, use page file ink jet printer next gush is on PS edition (oily Chinese ink adheres to more easily, chinese ink of ability in swimming allows easy scour off) , etc dry hind put next doing into ultraviolet ray measurable exposure, because of Yin Wen ink jet is added in forme directly apparently, need not have negative and procedures of PS edition vacuum, also won't produce osculant and bad situation, accuse namely via strong edition next finish. Material of not expensive, bad news mixes this kind of equipment completely identical now CTP plate making, what cannot compare exclusively with advanced CTP photograph is, machine of ink jet list has 600dpi to control analytic power only, only right written language, line and reticle of 80 lines left and right sides imprint, again a few finer writing reachs a site, remain to develop later.

The CTP of edition of large glue material, it is to use machine of output of original CTF Yin Wen, convert negative the CTP feeling material of polyester base material. Because forme uses edition material bigger than CTP negative ply, so thunder shoots focusing to also must be changed. Still basically be develop means most nevertheless is different, original CTF is develop of oxidation means tradition, but the silver-colored salt develop of CTP is to infect develop, namely develop of 2 paragraphs of type, sensitive ministry first develop is black ministry of bibulous blame Yin Wen, infect salt of not sensitive silver 2 times again next emerge layout becomes Yin Wen, equipment of this kind of means is OK negative, forme holds concurrently with, edition material value is inferior, but because forme is long Zhan controls spread, can overprint forbids difficult existence, presswork is qualitative a bit second.

Small size is not forme of aluminous material CTP, include afore-mentioned polyester silver-colored edition or paper base edition material, machine of some list of simply Lei She are become with colophony carbon pink like roast make it, also have use area charge edition material is become resemble getting printing plate. Offer automatically for long with package edition material edition, it is one of characteristic of small size CTP, can reduce manufacturing cost considerably.
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