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Trap of the draw a design before RIP, the principle of digital draw a design and
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Today's publication pressworks domain, it is a foundation with contemporary calculator and network technology, it is a mark in order to digitlize, manufacturing technology and craft already began to mix technology from traditional emulation or modulus in the round to brand-new digitlization production technology changes, change the directional progress that produces technology with individuation to high quality, efficient, tall trends, real time stage by stage. Because this is like what why come to all sorts of contented differring with the method of the shortest time, optimization,presswork means, presswork condition, presswork the product demand to chromatic specimen page, become publish now presswork bottleneck of pilot of manufacturing technology quality and research heat.

One, draw a design and its action

Draw a design is to presswork before the connection in pull current Cheng imprints as crucial as black-and-white link, it is to presswork to travel quality controls pull current Cheng Zhongjin and manage a kind of important step, presswork to control quality, decrease presswork risk and cost are all in all. Draw a design can serve as already before imprinting hind working procedure will be opposite the effect of the plate making before imprinting undertakes examining, can be emulated again as the working procedure before black-and-white presswork have trial production, seek to presswork optimal match condition and the level that provide Chinese ink look. Because this draw a design can check a design not only, make, piece piece, the appears possibly mistake in the process such as printing down, and can provide manufacturing basis to presswork, become an user check and accept a standard.

Pressworking actually in production, reach with the client before presswork presswork finished product is final of the effect check and accept a standard, to avoiding the literal of content, reduce black-and-white risk and cost, assure to presswork quality sense is great. Accordingly the action of draw a design is:

(The 1) , examination that provides a standard for the client prospectus: Prospectus is the finished product of company of a professional plate making, client lot kind just is indicating of link of whole plate making finish.

(The 2) , color specimen page that provides basic control data and standard to presswork: " after only the client signs appearance, just can go up machine presswork " it is to presswork the industry ensures presswork of content and quality accurate, the principle of divisional and bilateral responsibility, also be the typographer needs the basis that to pressworking the environment has adjustment according to prospectus.

(3) , wrong examination: Can check in the round through prospectus film arrives from manuscript before imprinting the quality of each technology segment, discover the error that already existed or appears possibly in presswork, so that be opposite,occurrence mistake undertakes corrective, reduce manufacturing risk.
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