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Photoshop application: DM advertising design and make
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DM is English Direct Mail(sends ad continuously) abbreviate, normally by 8 leave or become, adopt mail, calm dot is distributed, alternative style gives a variety of way such as consumer wide for conduct propaganda, we come to use Photoshop design today make a DM.

1. The Photoshop CS that start, build 16 (the canvas of 210×285mm) , with green (R: 38, G: 133, B: 0) fill. The scenery before the setting is yellow, choose tool of “ pencil ” , install a “ advocate diametical ” is 3 the pen that resembles element is brushed. “ paintbrush ” is opened in ” of “ attribute column tone board, amid clicks option of ” of appearance of “ paintbrush nib, ” of setting “ span is 1000% , build layer of a graph next, press scale of Shift key amid horizontal, hand-in-hand travel is perpendicular duplicate downward, the effect is shown 1 times like the graph.

Graph reseau of 1 scale yellow dot

2. Choose tool of “ pen ” , the curvilinear outline that in image bottom scale closes, through clicking “ method ” the “ of tone board bottom loads method ” pushbutton as the electorate, be record in outline electorate, build layer of a graph, it is fill of the image inside the electorate yellow, undertake to this graph layer next perpendicular duplicate downward, → of image of ordinal choice “ adjusts → hue / command of menu of ” of degree of saturation, open “ hue / dialog box of ” of degree of saturation, amid adjusts “ hue ” and parameter of “ lightness ” to change carbon color, if pursue,2 are shown.

Graph 2 with pen tool scale clipper-built design

Graph graph of 3 final results

3. Guide finally a material picture related to the theme, make scumble result through adding “ masking ” . Tool of ” of character of reuse “ horizontal setting of types inputs relevant character in image, adjust good style and color, add graph layer type for the character, fruit of the aftereffect that finish is shown 3 times like the graph.

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