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Use Photoshop gives black-and-white photograph chromatically
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Between nowadays life, there are a few old pictures in the past in the home of a lot of people, but be confined to the external condition at that time, these photographs are black and white mostly. And the person in the photograph is not youth is absent, it is demit world and go, want to review or recall they in those days elegant demeanour, always be the feeling lacked a kind of colorific true, having toing say is a regret. The method that gives these photographs chromatically has a lot of, but can getting on color very distinctly is not an easy thing however, here offers a kind to give black-and-white photograph the method of chromatically with Photoshop computer software, individual feeling can be done so that compare distinct nature.

One, the fundamental of chromatically and method

The skin color of a person is natural change in the photograph, colour is complex and rich. But from theoretic tell, we can assume the hue of color of skin of a person and degree of saturation are concerned with ethnic group only, but to same individual, we can assume its are all these two parameter of color of skin basically are changeless. But the influence that the color of skin on figure photograph is abounded and changeful reason is exterior illumination, namely brightness, the color of identical brightness area is basic and same, according to this one hypothesis, we want to undertake the parameter of brightness of basis of color of skin of photograph go-between chromatically respectively only, do one each to transfer like that finally processing is OK.

2, chromatically example

1. enters photograph scanning computer, changeover becomes Lab pattern. Because be in unit process of cargo bandling, brightness will become main label parameter, use Lab pattern so, can be opposite brightness passageway (L passageway) undertake operating, satisfy us to depend on brightness is different different colorific requirement thereby. Below it is with the photograph of a children exemple.

2. makes an electoral district, use electorate tool singles out the skin of figure go-between entirely, use “Layer”→“New”→“Layerviacut” . The skin that can servantchoose a person for a job place so becomes alone, also build the person's hair a layer alone with same method.

Layer of will current operation appoints 3. to be in a layer for the skin, change a passageway to face plate, passageway of brightness of pitch on “ (L passageway) . Before tool column middle finger decides the scenery is L: 95, a: 0, b: 0. The order executes in menu: “Select”→“Color Range” , tolerance parameter set is: Between 20~30, can single all inside limits of this one brightness area in the picture so.

4. calls menu command: “Select”→“Load Selection” , playing the dialog box that give to be chosen be mixed option (namely last Intersectwith Selection, similarly hereinafter) can assuring all electorates so is to be inside skin limits.
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