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Screen printing informal discussion -- pursuit screen printing is high quality (
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Those who go after screen printing is high quality, regard screen printing as worker, should have right quality idea above all. Next due and good job convention, environment of for example work should keep clean, all appliance should get better safeguard. If do not have cleaner, the brush is not used when cleaning working environment, lest cause dirt,fly upwards. Of the floor clean, the cleanness of table, household utensils needs to use wet cloth. Clean working requirement can improve working quality, improve working environment, be helpful for coming true to presswork high qualitily.

Before beginning printer to make, what we need is open plan negative, does a nice silk imprint what demand does negative have? Of negative piece base, polyester film needs height transparent; Medical film face should be in the front of negative. We often discover face of film of some users use medicine is the opposite in negative, this world that is used at offset print piece, use this negative printing down, quality will be unwarrantable. Because silk imprints the image of face of film of medicine of negative of the requirement when net edition printing down should with the contact that the sensitive sub of velar board maintains close together; Density (density = blackness) need to be more than D3. Offset print uses this world that is less than D3 piece, reason needs to be opposite with the densimeter in relief piece density undertakes metrical; Negative everywhere the density of image, character needs higher cost; The hand engraves masking to should not be print edition negative to use as silk. Negative should use hardness to take a picture high negative is made; Before use negative printing down, need to use cleaner or remove dust roller undertakes cleanness to its.


The silk screen that screen printing uses is not a kind of common fabric, however a kind of high strenth stuff that has dinky noncombatant duty. For example, all of us knows the likelihood in the silk screen in CM of 120 eye / , every square metre has 24000 meters of silk thread, perhaps be in every square centimeter in have 14400 alveolus, but in fact the knowledge about silk screen is far more than these.

SEFAR PET1000 silk screen has: 1. Tall tension; 2. Inferior tensional loss; 3. Taller tensional stability; 4. Fight abrasiveness goodly can; 5. Inferior water imbibition; 6. Fight acid etching sex goodly.

Also be very important for the webby person that braid a structure to imprint to silk at the same time, you can find the technical standards of a need in technical data. Know all what profit can these data have? Let us view concerned data:

1. Line means: It is to decide to become the target that resembles ability finally.

2. Mesh / CM: Can determine webby intensity and potential pulling force, because of every centimeters webby significant cross section and line means decided webby relevant stability. These two elements also decided all other parameter. The ply that is like silk screen, webby mouth size, webby mouth area is led.
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